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Aug 6, 2008 06:37 PM

Chicago dinner for 20 near Art Inst

Hello Chowhounds...
I need a place for a first night dinner (people coming from all over) at the beginning of a research seminar. They will be staying at the Palmer House near the Art Institute on Michigan Ave, so something nearby would be great. We have been checking on places that have private rooms or semi-private, but I'd like to start with a good food rec and then call and see if they can accommodate the numbers.

Thanks so much for any info.

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  1. Mercat a la Planxa is near your hotel and can accommodate a private party of your size. The reviews here have been very positive. When is your dinner? They have a private room upstairs and I believe they were supposed to have outdoor dining this summer.

    1. Check out Lockwood in the Palmer House. After a rocky start, it seems to have settled down a bit under new management. On our visit, I found the food to be on par with Custom House, altho it's not cheap:

      Two other venues that you might want to look at, not too far from PH, are Custom House itself and Gage, both have separate spaces for larger parties..