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Aug 6, 2008 06:23 PM

Kitchen Muses?

as I languishingly stir my risotto occurred to me that risotto is truly my muse.

Nearly anything that is in the pantry/freezer/fridge can be stirred in to risotto and create a fabulous meal.

What kitchen ingredient and/or dish is your favorite muse?

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  1. first thing that comes to mind for me is eggs. frittatas, omelettes, scrambles - with endless combinations of vegetables, herbs, spices, proteins & condiments.

    and i know some people might think this one is sort of lame, but i love creating really complex & unique salads, enhanced with homemade dressings & fresh herbs.

    ETA: i thought of some more....

    yogurt & cottage cheese. sweet, savory, meal, dessert, B, L or D. such versatility!

    oatmeal - i've come up with scores of preparations that vary with prep method, flavoring, add-ins/garnishes.

    and the last one [i promise] for the baker in me...muffins.

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      yum, eggs....another blank canvas in the culinary world! certainly not as healthy as salad but ready, willing and able to stand up to any thing left in the cupboards!

    2. Breadpudding, honey. Anyway at all. I'm not a dessert eater but find it difficult to pass up bp on a menu. I think of some of the real winners I've had, custardy, dense, fruity, savory, fluffy, and all their many sauces, and I still swoon. I think I always try bp because I like to be surprised. And it's so great to experiment with. I'm seldom disappointed.

      1. Soups and stews! The entire process suits me. So many possible directions, lots of options in ingredients, frugal in it's roots. I love the pace, the checking, stirring, tasting, fiddling...and the end result fills the house with the scent and taste of love.

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          Eggs, oh yes! Herbs, cheeses, veggies, meats! Cream cheese and berries or peaches. Yum.

          Also rice pilafs. Same thing almost, herbs, veggies, cheese, hot sauce, soy sauce, bouillons, tomato sauces, No cream cheese or fruit, but it can be endlessly creative.