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Aug 6, 2008 06:09 PM

Toronto: favorite veg-friendly in financial district

I'm keen to hear from CH vegetarians: what is your favorite place in the financial district?

I'm particularly interested in more upscale places, as I have a VIP vegetarian client.

My definition of financial district being: Front to Queen, Yonge to University.

And by vegetarian I mean ovo-lacto vegetarian, no fish or chicken.


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  1. while there are now quite a few veggie options on the food court level of things (the vegan health food place in FCP for example), there aren't a lot of veggie upscale choices (at least that i am aware of - would love to hear differently though!!!). I have found far niente, reds and jump to have the most appetizing (though still limited) veggie item/or to be the most accomodating to vegetarian requests. jump's a bit slow on service though the goat cheese souffle and grilled veggie platter is yummy....

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      Rain on Mercer: some really gorgeous asian fusion choices for vegetarians. I love the ambiance and the cocktails as well.

      Dhaba on King: decent food, good service. "upscale" Indian food.

      I also second the recommendation for Jump. The service really puts me off, however.

      1. re: happycamper

        Rain is a great thinking along the fusion line, I wonder if Lee would also be a good choice for vegetarians....

        1. re: happycamper

          Other than mushrooms, my post below may be irrelevant to the Vegetarian theme, but i just saw a comment on Rain and had to throw my two cents.
          I ate at Rain this past Wednesday for the first time. I will have to make some comments of the meal.

          I had black cod 3 ways, and m\y s.o. had duck/prawn sour mango dish. We ordered 4 different mushrooms platter (?) as a side.

          Black Cod 3 ways:
          1) Fish - The little chunk of black cod (miso base) was amazing. I actually wish the entire meal was just that black cod, but much bigger (it will have to be at least 6 times bigger to qualify as a decent meal portion)
          2) Noodle - very interesting, pleasant, but wouldn't eat it solely as a meal.
          3) Fish in Bamboo - did not appreciate it. there was almost nothing to eat. it was about 2 teaspoonful of black cod cooked in bamboo.

          Duck/Prawn/Sour mango:
          The texture of the duck breast was not as good as some of the other restos. Prawn salad was about a tablespoonful.

          We ate the mushrooms no problem, but we couldn't believe that they presented 4 different mushrooms in one strong flavoured black bean sauce that was overpowering any flavours of mushrooms. Basically all of them tasted the same. Disappointing. Would have enjoyed all of them if they came in a lighter sauce to bring out their unique flavours.

          Had a French sauvignon blanc, which was nice, fruity and excellent overall.

          The bill was not our concern, so we could have ordered more food, but we had to run off to a show at Second City next door so we just left.

          I was slightly turned off by the flavours (with the exception of a tiny piece of black cod) and the portion. I should have ordered 2 mains and 2 sides for myself.

          FYI 1 - I maintain a slim figure and I don't eat excessively. My s.o. would have eaten 3 mains by himself and still order a dessert.

          FYI 2 - I've eaten in many excellent restaurants in Toronto, across US and Paris. Not a food snob but I am just intrigued to try different flavours.

          So basically it felt like eating 2 artsy appetizers, at the grand total of $150 (tax, tip, wine included).

          I guess you know whether I'd return or not.

        2. re: vinotinto

          Thanks for the suggestions! Jump has a couple good vegetarian entrees; Rain and Dhaba sound great too, but are a bit outside the desired geographic range.