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Aug 6, 2008 06:00 PM

Appalachicola/St George Island eats

Headed to a relaxed vacation on St. George Island in late September. Enjoy cooking up all the fabulous local seafood at the beach rental, but thought it might be nice to head out for dinner one evening. I'm pretty sure there's not much on St. George but thought there might be a good restaurant or two in Appalachicola or the surrounding area. Any suggestions???


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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Avenue Sea located in the Gibson Inn in Apalach. Head chef there apprenticed at The French Laundry.

    1. Bay City Lodge is a fishing lodge/ dock/ guide etc with a little restaurant connected. I am a little nervous recommending this place, because it is out by the river in the middle of the woods and is so "of" the area, but we had a whole fried flounder each that was incredibly fresh and crisp and delicious. I'm really glad I went.

      1. Plan a night at Avenue Sea at the Gibson Inn. Chef Carrier is doing great things with the local seafood and produce. Some people have complained about the service but when we were there last December we had no issues. We are going back to the Panhandle in November and I am planning on going to Avenue Sea again.

        1. On St. George Island, itself, The Blue parrot is probably your best bet. It's cheaper than Avenue Sea but probably not quite up to the same level. Good enough for locals though. I think El Jalisco has a spot on the island as well.

          In Apalachicola, in addition to Avenue Sea, try Tamra's Cafe for a Caribbean detour or the Owl Cafe, anothe rlocal favorite for seafood.

          Head up 98 toward Panama City and stop in at Mango Marley's in Mexico Beach also 2 Crabs.

          Not sure which way you'e coming into SGI, but if you're coming down 319, there's the Forgotten Coast Seafood in Crawfordsville (fried Flordia style fish), Angelos in Panacea by the bridge.

          1. Wow....thanks for the responses! Gotta love Chowhound. Sounds like Avenue Sea is the ticket. I'll be in Northern California a couple of weeks before SGI and probably won't splurge on The French Laundry, but this could be the perfect beach treat in its stead. I also like the sound of the Bay City Lodge even if it is maybe a little too local; often the best surprises are found in places like that.

            Thanks to you all for your very helpful replies!

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              Well, even though the chef trained at the Fench Laundry, I'm not sure you'll get the same experience or food at Avenue Sea. On a Napa scale may not even compare with the General's Daughter or Terra, but for North Florida, it's well worth the visit.

              1. re: crewsweeper

                I wish it was in Tampa...but then it may not be as exciting. I think part of the charm is that it is in such an unexpected place.