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Aug 6, 2008 04:15 PM

L'Express Menu Recommendation

So I'm taking a few friends to L'express tomorrow before they leave town and would like some recommendations. I heard they have pretty great seafood and really haven't had lobster in an obscene amount of time....but what is your favorite from past experiences?

PS. What's the attire?

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  1. "PS. What's the attire?"

    Presently ? Socks, jeans and t-shirt; If I would be going to l'express, I'd put on a pair of shoes because it's raining!

    As for food, L'express has everything, search a little bit, I think someone posted the menu a few days back. (see this topic :


    There are also 1/2 dozen daily specials, erm, every day.

    I usually go for the "Os à la moelle" and the "Tartare" or the "Carré D'agneaux".

    If you're into wines, ask for the "2ème liste; it's bigger, has some nice bottles, not always more expensive.

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    1. Soupe au Poisson or the Mousse de foie de Volaille
      Maybe the Verte aux pignons
      and I am powerless to the tartare (Bien relevez). But the Canard au porto is very good too, as is the Saumon au cerfeuille.

      A nice bottle of Ste Estephe wont hurt either, or a Bandol.

      For dessert.. go for the cheese, to finish off what ever wine may be left.

      1. Attire is casual--it's a crowded bistro. Mousse de foie de volaille is always a nice starter. Dh likes the tartare, I usually just go for steak/frites--safe but really nicely done. I have never eaten seafood there, but have often ordered their dore', which is usually very tasty.