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Aug 6, 2008 04:03 PM

Lunch with workmates...

At my bosses behest it has been decided that we will take our colleague out to lunch before she departs our lab. There are 6 of us and in previous situations when my boss has suggested we do a group lunch he picks up the tab. I would estimate it was around $75-$90 plus tip. However, this is a special occasion and I would like to suggest someplace nice such as Commanders Palace, Cochon or maybe some others. Of course, its complicated by the fact that we have two vegans and a limited meat eater that need to be accommodated some how. Do you think these two places are reasonable given that this is a special occasion? And would they be suitable for vegan-types with some menu rearrangements? Also, other lunch recommendations are appreciated:)


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  1. two vegans? There are no good fine dining options in New Orleans for vegans unless you call ahead. That given, Herbsaint is doing a great lunch these days. You might want to try Cafe Minh, I think they have some nicer vegan and vegetarian options.

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      LOVE Cafe Minh.

      for the vegans, wherever you go, make sure they are not grilling the veggies where they grill the meat. often there is cross mojonation in kitchens.

    2. DO NOT take two vegans and a limited meat eater to Cochon. That's a recipe for office jokes for YEARS to come.

      1. i once dined with a vegan at One, and the kitchen was happy to make her a pasta/veggie/olive oil thing that she loved.

        1. Commander's is fine. Just let them know ahead of time, and they'll accomodate you. There's nothing special about Cochon, and it's probably the least vegan friendly place in town.

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            Well it appears despite my best efforts Commanders is off the the list along with any other place the sounds expensive. I believe the girls from the office will just get together and do a nice dinner for our departing and belove co-worker. For our group/co-worker lunch The Gumbo Shop has been settled on, it was the only consensus I could get with the least amount of complaint. Sigh...
            Thanks for all your input!

          2. If it's not too late, try to get them to go to the Coffee Pot, just a block away from The Gumbo Shop. Prices similar, tables infintely more comfortable (Gumbo Shop is incredibly cramped) and the wait staff will send your co-worker off in a grand fashion. If Shirley is working, be sure to ask her for a song!

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              Roux, does the Coffee Pot do a veggie entree or dish? The Gumbo Shop touted a vegetarian daily special which was how the consensus was drawn.

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                Seriously, the Gumbo Shop is not good. If you are going French Quarter, Napoleon House has a surprising amount of vegetarian lunch items.