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Aug 6, 2008 03:44 PM

Road trip: Phx to Las Vegas - best road food

I'm driving to Vegas from Phx the standard northwest route via 93 and may take short cut around the lake/dam. Anyone have good recs for food on the road, like a killer diner?

My wife and I don't eat fast food anymore, but love a good diner.

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  1. Kingman just isn't a spot for good food... there's a trading post at Wikieup with a restaurant/menu - we stopped for lunch once. Standard fare. Maybe take a great sub/snacks and wait on good food upon arrival? There's some great food 'there' -- off the strip [if you can wait -- try Thai - find Lotus of Siam - 953 E. Sahara Ave - simply the best Thai in the US]

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      Yeah, my buddies who've done the drive a lot reported the same. No favorites that could make it onto "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives". I think we'll just pack some snacks and do it up in LV.

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        a d,d and d place is the coffee cup in boulder city - close to your planned route. and of course, the 4 kegs in vegas is the other dd and d place once in vegas if that's your thing !

        happy eating

        btw - coffee cup is ok

    2. Not much in the way of killer diners, but the best BBQ in the state is on your path. Stop at Eat At Joe's in beautiful downtown Wikieup. It's fantastic, the guy who owns the place really knows what he's doing.

      Eat at Joe's
      Wikieup, AZ, USA, Wikieup, AZ

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        Agree completely regarding Eat at Joe's...We stop there for lunch on the way to Vegas and then pick up some beef jerky on the way home. They apparently have good live music at night, although we've never been there for dinner to hear it.

      2. My wife and I liked the quaint Italian restaurant Mattina's in Kingman. It serves good American-Italian standards in a pleasant environment. They have a website.