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Aug 6, 2008 02:56 PM

You haven't heard the last of Mei Lai Wah!

Good news for the devotees...

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  1. Amidst an absolutely lousy week, you just made my day. Hope lives.

    1. Usually when there is a slight change in the name of a Chinese restaurant it means that the new place is a completely different operation. Since the new place is called "Mei Li Wah" instead of "Mei Lai Wah" I'd bet that it's not the same place.

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      1. I just read this article over on Eater and came here to see if anyone had mentioned it.... this is good news, though I bet there are new operators and the food won't quite be the same. In any event, I will be checking it out as soon as I can get there. Oh, and if anyone can translate non-Cantonese (not sure exactly what region of China the lettering is from), there is a debate going on (link provided by sing me a bar) about what the new sign says.

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        1. re: vvvindaloo

          lettering doesn't matter in chinese between dialects, everyone uses the same characters

          the original one roughly says: "coffee tea restaurant" (ka fei cha can ting)
          the new one roughly says: "tea restaurant" (cha can ting)

          btw, i really hope they have the same coconut buns...ive found a replacement in sun say kai (which is arguably slightly better) for roast pork buns, but I cannot find a replacement for the coconut buns...ive got two more places to try (coffee/tea house on bowery just south of canal and a coffee/tea house on baxter just north of canal) and after that i think there isn't much hope to find a replacement

          1. re: Lau

            i feel the same way you do with regard to mlw vs. ssk,
            i knew you'd sniff out this post :)

            1. re: vvvindaloo

              cha siu bao is probably one of my all time favorite chinese things, so how could i not!

            2. re: Lau

              There is a delicious coconut gel with peanut stuffing in the front window at sun say kai.

            3. re: vvvindaloo

              Looks like we may be getting more of MLW back than we even expected!
              Here's hoping...

            4. I hope it is, I moved to NY just in time for this place to close :(

              1. Eater updated, the original chef and original employees are returning at least.