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Aug 6, 2008 01:53 PM

DC Restaurant Week--which restaurants are extending?

Do you know which restaurants are extending their RW offerings? I waited too long to make reservations for a group lunch. Hoping I can redeem myself the following week.


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  1. Check out this link: I don't know if its complete but it lists some places which are extending.

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    1. re: dcfoodie13

      That link didn't work for me, but I found this list on the site:
      Restaurants Extending Restaurant Week
      Beacon Bar and Grill - Aug. 11th through 31st
      Cafe Atlantico - Aug. 11th through 24th
      CoCo. Sala - Aug. 11th through 20th
      D'Acqua - Aug. 4th through 17th
      Dino - Aug. 1st through 31st.
      Farrah Olivia - Aug. 1st through Sept. 22nd
      Ici Urban Bistro - Aug 11th through 24th
      Indique Heights - Aug. 1st through Aug 31st
      Jaleo - Aug. 12th through 24th
      Mie n Yu - Aug. 11th through 24th
      Mio Restaurant - Aug. 1st through Aug 31st
      Nage - Aug. 1st through Aug 31st
      Oyamel - Aug. 11th through 24th
      PS 7's - Aug 11th through the 30th
      Rasika - Aug 11th through 23rd
      Tabaq Bistro - Aug. 1st through 31st
      Zaytinya - Aug. 11th through 24th