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Aug 6, 2008 01:49 PM

Team Building for Everyone, Not Just Foodies

I have to admit that being a foodie I am very picky about food. I want it to be more than good, I want it to be amazing. This is why I was leary when my boss announced that we would be holding a team building event at Blue Ribbon Cooking.

Blue Ribbon Cooking is a cooking school located on Lake Union, in Seattle, WA. It is a beautiful facility, which has panaramic windows throughout the whole building. Upon arriving we were greated with drinks and appetizers, prepared by our chefs ahead of time. The school uses only organic ingredients, and northwest wines and microbrews.

After about 30 minutes of mingling we were asked to get into groups of 7-9 people. There was 21 of us so we were in three groups of 7. Each of the groups was assigned a chef and we were presented with our task. We would have an hour and a half to create a menu and prepare a full meal. This included an entree, two sides, and a dessert.

My group was given chicken as our protein. With out chefs help he guided us through the process of menu planning, and how to spice things up. We decided to make a freshly grilled chicken, stuffed with pesto. Our sides included rosemary roasted new potatoes and volcanic green beans. For dessert we made a peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream.

After an hour and a half had passed we presented our meal to the group, the other chefs, and the judges. The judges from the school then took small plates of the all the meals, took them in the back and determined the winner.

Our group then got to enjoy a buffet of delicious foods that everyone had prepared. We all sat down together and enjoyed each others company, and the great food!

I was extremely surprised by how much I enjoyed the food and how much I learned about cooking. I would recommend anyone to try out a team building event at Blue Ribbon or particpate in one of the open to the public classes.

I have yet to go to an opent to the public class. Has anyone attended one that they recommend?

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  1. When my last workplace did our team-building activity there, we had chicken stuffed with mushrooms, gnocchi, green beans, and crab cakes. The food was alright, but we had a very good time making it.

    My coworkers at my current workplace scoffs at such hoity-toity endeavors... :-(

    1. I had a similar experience at another team-building exercise at Blue Ribbon perhaps one year ago. We had a great time, bonded, and learned a bit about cooking too. Their staff was professional, friendly, and amazingly patient with a group of kitchen neophytes. Recommended.

      We made chicken in puff pastry with pineapple and something else... maybe it was chili... there was a lot of wine after the event... I do remember that we won the contest, though.