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Aug 6, 2008 01:44 PM

One lunch in Providence

I am going to be in Providence for lunch and was looking for recomendations for a fun, relaxing, scenic (if possible) lunch. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. What type of food do you like? Are you like me and would be willing to take a step down in quality to sit outside on a really beautiful patio w/a view of the water, or is it all about the food?

    Will you be right downtown and already parked somewhere? Or would you rather avoid downtown parking woes on a weekday?

    1. Scenic's tough in Providence (in my opinion), unless you head down to Newport. But I would go for Local 121 in terms of food. Gracie's is a sweet little dining room, and great food also. Sien is great on Federal Hill. Three Steeple is great as well, by Brown. Cav is good too, though in an odd place.

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        Of that list I'd choose CAV, simply because they're the only one w/decent outdoor seating (Siena's is terrible, right on Atwell's sidewalk). Moot point as neither Siena or Gracie's serves lunch.

        For scenic I'd go w/Waterman Grille (beautiful outdoor seating and its own parking lot) or Waterplace (really nice patio overlooking the basin downtown and valet parking). Neither is the absolute best food you'll find in Providence but I've had good meals at both, and they both qualify as scenic.

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          I went to the Waterman Grille a few weeks ago on a very hot night and, yes, eating on the outdoor deck was lovely. The food, however, was pretty sad and ordinary. I found the menu boring and I really had trouble finding anything that interested me. My sister and I ended up sharing some aps, which are supposed to be their specialty -- a very soggy pizza, run-of-the-mill calamari, etc. I must say, though, that when we noted our disappointment with the pizza to the waitress she told the chef (I think it was the chef), who came out and offered complimentary drinks. And he actually seemed truly interested in our concern with the pizza, which is always nice. I'd love to see them get it together there since it's such a pretty and convenient location.

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            Yup, I've had good and bad experiences but I want to love the place based on the setting & the building.

      2. Which day of the week will you be here?

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          I would also recommend Hemenway's if you are looking for delicious seafood. They offer outdoor dining as well on their shaded patio (far enough away from the street traffic), overlooking a beautiful park - great food (their 'bowl' of lobster bisque is very filling for lunch, while their lobster BLT can't be beat), great service, beutiful scenery. Can't beat it on a summer day in Providence.

        2. I'd say Venda Ravioli on Atwells - open air on a plaza off the street. Lots going on to watch. Good food. Good prices.