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Aug 6, 2008 01:38 PM

Murray Hill/Gramercy Park Coffee shop help

I'm staying on 31st and Madison.

Can anyone recommend a good place for coffee in the morning that is:

1) Not Starbucks and
2) good for sitting and writing?

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  1. there is a place right next door to starbucks on 23rd and 3rd...Name escapes me though.

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    1. re: kcijones001

      It's called Push Cafe. Nothing special, but you can definitely sit there all day.

    2. There's a place called something like "Brasil Coffee" on Lex and 30th (or maybe 31st). I don't particularly like the coffee, but people definitely sit around there and study/write. Also, espresso drinks are ok; it's just the drip coffee that I don't like.

      1. You could go to Les Halles and have a French press coffee. It is excellent and you can have French baguette with it and it is nice in the morning time. There isn't too many people and you can sit outside also if the weather is nice.

        1. 71 Irving. Classic coffee shop filled with people writing and chatting.

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            Loved 71 Irving. Thanks for the recommend. It was perfect!