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Aug 6, 2008 01:25 PM

NY Hound in town next week, needs recommendations

NYC hound traveling to Chi Sunday through Wednesday of next week. I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency on East Wacker Drive, and most of my meals are already planned by my business associates in Chicago. However, since I've never been to Chicago, I would love some recommendations on the following:

1) a solid Chicago dog with the works

2) somewhere within walking distance of the Hyatt for lunch every day (we have an hour break, so can't be too far)

3) a memorable, chow-ish dinner spot somewhere within a 10 minute driving radius of the Hyatt for Sunday night. Walking distance is even better, we'll be using taxis/public transport.

Thanks! Looking forward to visiting your great city soon.

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  1. Chicago Dog: Portillos on Grand

    Lunch: Park Cafe? Gage Inn? Fox and Obel? They might be a bit far. Maybe there is a Potbelly's in the area (Toasted Subs)

    Dinner: Mercat a la Planxa, but it will end up near $100 a head with wine and tip. Gage Inn also not bad and less $$ (Order the Scotch egg appetizer). If you get out early, Frontera Grill - or make a reservation if you have 5 or more. If on a budget, Quartino's is fun. De La Costa fun for a group.

    Also, make sure to check out Intelligentsia for Coffee. 55 E Randolph.

    1. Re #2: Check out Pastoral on Lake Street for excellent sandwiches, altho you may have to carry-out since there's not much room for eating in:

      1. For lunch close by the Hyatt, you might try Soprafinna in the lower level of the Aon Tower. It is a local "fresh, fast food" place. Salads and sandwiches are both quite good.