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Aug 6, 2008 01:00 PM

Where to buy good wine in Albuquerque or Taos?

We are heading to New Mexico from the SF Bay Area, where we are spoiled b/c we always have great wine at our fingertips.

Since we are going to be in the middle of nowhere for 3 nights we'd like to pick up some good wine to bring with us.

Does anyone know of a wine store with a good selection?


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  1. ABQ is a big town, where are you going to be? If you are one westside - Sunflower Market [Alameda and Coors] has a great selection and very good prices. There is a Trader Joe's on Paseo del Norte, east of I 25. Quarters Liquours [2 locations, 1 near airport on Yale and Cesar Chavez and 1 on Westside Alameda and Ellison] has excellent selection too.

    Kelly's Liquors has several locations [westside on Coors and Irving; east side of town on Eubank and Juan Tabo; on 528 a few miles north of Intel] and good selection. Major supermarkets sell wine, as does Pier One.

    Try some of our local Gruet wine - it is very good, especially their sparkling wines. There is a tasting room on the northbound frontage road of I 25. Exit at Paseo del Norte, continue straight through lights onto the frontage road, it will be on your right side.


    1. I should have included some links:
      http://jubilationwines.com/ 3512 Lomas Blvd. NE on the SW corner of Lomas and Carlisle.





      1. In ABQ, I guess Quarters or Jubilation are your best bet. But if you're taking 84-285 to Taos from Santa Fe, look for Kokoman Wines right near the Cities of Gold Casino (12 miles north of SF). Great wine store!

        1. A very nice liquor store in Santa Fe is Susan's Fine Wines. They carry a wide selection from inexpensive to very pricey and will spend the time with you and help you pick out wine. Both Susan and her staff ar very knowledgeable. They are located at Cerillos and St. Francis. 505-984-1582.

          Kokoman's also has a large inventory, though you need to know what you want when you get there. Don't be put off by their exterior!

          1. The only liquor store selling nice wine left in Taos I think is OBL. Bravo closed suddenly last month. OBL is located north of town. It's small and I haven't been in there lately to know their stock. The OBKL restaurant was recently taken over by Joseph Wrede (Josephs Table) so their stock may be quite good but I'd stop at Susan's in Santa Fe. You won't be sorry.