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Aug 6, 2008 12:50 PM

MSP proximal cheese tour options?

Inspired by this older post:

but somewhat put off by the pretty substantial distance from the twin cities metro that most of the places mentioned seem to be (cheese days in monroe sounded awesome, 10 hours round trip in the car not so much) im looking for ideas for a weekend day/weekend of cheese tasting and farm tours, probably within a couple hour drive of the twin cities.

if there was any one place that was a must go, i'd be into it, but it would be all the better if there were several producers nearish enough to each other to get to check out more than one. i wouldnt be opposed to spending a night out of the cities, it would be nice if a somewhat cute B and B or something of that ilk were available, too.

does such a thing exist, and where would i go to find it?

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  1. (info, not a specific place
    ) (a thread from a few years back, much of which is still current
    ) (a great looking site with lots of good links


    Sounds like fun. I love great cheese.

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    1. re: MSPD

      what an awesome resource. thank you so much. Dancing winds looks like pretty much exactly what i was looking for, the site seems somewhat outdated so ill have to check in with Mary and make sure things are still as described. anyone been out there?

      the faribaultdairy site doesnt specifically list cave tours anywhere, but im definitely gonna get ahold of them to see if/when they do them.

      when the girlfriend asked what i wanted for my birthday i dont think she was expecting the answer to involve a weekend spent with goats/cows, but its my birthday and ill do what i want.

    2. I'd get in touch with James Norton, a local chowhounder who's writing a book on Wisconsin cheeses and so must know a heck of a lot about local cheeses:

      Or with Patrick, the Cheese Guy, via his blog. I've given you the link to his journal space portion of the blog, because it includes links to bunches of local cheese places on the right side.

      Good luck, and happy birthday! And report back, OK?