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Aug 6, 2008 12:45 PM

What's in the CSA basket where you live?

I've noticed a bunch of us are CSA subscribers and thought it'd be interesting to see what we all have in our baskets/boxes now, to see what the regional variations are. I recently started subscribing to a CSA and am having a lot of fun with it. It's definitely a different mindset for cooking, though. I used to sit down on Sat/Sun and think about the week ahead, and now I need to actually have the basket in front of me and go through it, getting inspiration for dishes I want to make with what I have.

Also curious about cost variation throughout the country. So I'll be nosy and ask and post what you will...

I'll start - we live in Temecula, CA and our CSA (CCOF organic certified) is in nearby north (inland) San Diego County. I pay $34/week for the small basket (big bushel basket) - they charge $44/week for a much larger basket. No delivery - we have a local site where we pick up.

This week I got: 4 large Hass avocados; 6 limes; 1 large head green leaf lettuce; 1 smaller baby lettuce; 4 chilis (medium jalapeno & milder pico de gallo); 5 large oranges; 6 small Asian pears; Swiss chard; large bunch mint; large bunch basil; large head bok choy; huge bag green beans; 2 cucumbers; 3 baskets cherry tomatoes (variety of sizes & colors)

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  1. we live in wisconsin. we paid $325 for a half share (full bushel every other week). the full share was $575. started june 1 (actually was delayed 2 weeks because of all the rains up here) and will go through the fall - november 1 is the offical date, but we'll go 2 weeks past that due to the initial delay.

    the farm we went with also does early season greens for the month of may, $180.

    you can elect to do an additional fall storage share, a single day pick up for $100 (beets, turnips, carrots, rutabagas, winter squash, fresh greens and more)

    they also offer poultry april 24 - november 1 at $25/2 chickens/month.

    This week in your box
    * Hothouse Cucumbers
    * Beans (yellow & romano)
    * Lacinato Kale
    * Kohlrabi
    * Greentop Beets (Chioggia)
    * Scallions
    * Ribes Mix (currants and gooseberries)

    here's a pic of our last pick up -

    1. Fun topic! I'm in MN and my CSA is Harmony Valley Farm in WI.

      Green/yellow beans
      Green Savoy Cabbage
      Yellow onions (about 5)
      Italian garlic
      Butterscotch melon (can't wait to crack that open!)
      zucchini and yellow squash
      bag of arugula
      yukina savoy

      I'm doing a 1/2 share (every other week), which seems to be working fine - I do a debit acct of $42 a month. It goes from the beginning of May till right before Christmas. They also do cheese, coffee, fruit and beef & poultry as well.

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        Are you saying that your CSA is at least 250 miles away? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

      2. We live in Santa Cruz, CA. Our CSA, Two Small Farms, is in Watsonville, about 20 miles away. We pay $20/week for a half share -- they only do half shares now.

        In our basket this week:

        box of strawberries
        bunch of lacinto kale
        chioggia beets
        jalapeno peppers
        2 heads red cabbage
        2 heads red leaf lettuce
        bunch green onions

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        1. re: operagirl

          Thanks for sharing:-) It's so interesting to see what is growing in different parts of the country.

          PS - I went to high school in your area (lived in Capitola and went to Soquel High) and my parents still live in SC today. You are lucky to live where you do!)

          1. re: drucie

            Yeah, this IS an awesome place to live! And the produce isn't shabby either =). Just pickled the Chioggia beets today . . . and more produce is coming tomorrow! I can hardly keep up.

        2. We recently joined a CSA in the Tampa Bay area and are really looking forward to our first basket, which will probably be sometime in September. Unlike most of the country, the growing season in central and south Florida runs roughly Sept - May. We paid $400 for a half share (every other week), with a growing season that will last roughly nine months. I'll be sure to weigh back in on this thread as we start enjoying nature's bounty!

          1. We're in VA. In our box this week:
            2 bunches basil
            Russian black tomatoes
            one big beefsteak tomato
            yellow squash
            spring onions

            The variety is not always this good. And the other week we got a terrible turnip the size of my head-- it was sooo bitter. Plus two gigantic, overgrown eight ball zucchini. But overall it's been really fun and we'll definitely do it again. Good topic!