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Aug 6, 2008 12:08 PM

Help with a cookie stamp? / Homemade oreo help?

Hey guys!

So my fiancee and I are planning on making homemade oreo big stuf cookies (the really big ones they used to make) as our wedding favor (she made some for me when we first started dating). We got a custom cookie stamp, with our initials and a nice design, for decorating the cookies. The stamp came the other day, and it's awesome, but we're not 100% sure we're using it right or using the right recipe.

For the cookie recipe, we tried using this recipe for "homemade" oreos: .

We tried oiling and flouring the cookie stamp, which still resulted in a lot of sticking. We tried stamping post-baking, which worked ok but not great. We tried dipping in just flour or powdered sugar, which helped bring the design out a little bit.

My questions - anyone with advice on technique? Anyone with a good recipe for chocolate wafer-type cookies that would work well with a cookie stamp?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. IMO, the key with cookie stamps and molds is to get the dough texture right. It needs to be fairly cold and fairly stiff. Try experimenting with temperature and adding more flour. You need a strongly flavored dough--my favorite is gingerbread--but I think with all the dark chocolate you should be good. Btw, I like to bake with black cocoa, which gives that deep Oreo color--have you got that? You can get it from the Baking Company catalog (I think that's what it's called ...)

    1. PS I am not that tall and when working with cookie molds I sometimes stand on a footstool to get more leverage. I have a lot of complicated molds & getting a good print can take a lot of strength ... who knew cookies were a workout :)

      1. I've always found granulated sugar to work the best, as far as sticking, with my stamps. I do one test stamp and after you do it once, the oil from the cookies makes the sugar stick. I've never tried with a chocolate cookie recipe because I always use my great grandma's butter almond cookies, so I don't have a recipe for you. Where did you get the custom cookie stamp? Very cool idea!

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        1. re: Katie Nell

          thanks for the pointers! i'll give the granulated sugar a try. also someone suggested brushing the baked cookies with egg whites, so i'll see what that does, if anything.

          the custom stamp was from a company called rycraft - very nice, friendly, helpful people - i'd definitely recommend working with them if you're looking for one.

          1. re: adam

            What a great idea for a wedding favour!
            I learned a little more here, too, and we also make cookie stamps! We have found (as stated above) that it helps with the chilled dough, too. I have also tried dipping the stamp in flour without oiling it first, whooshing it off a bit, and then pressing the cookie, and that worked fine for me. I'll have to try the granulated sugar idea! Thanks!

            Cindy H

        2. Try the "Faux-reos" recipe in the King Arthur Cookie companion's a link to the KA website featuring the recipe:

          1. Smitten Kitchen has a fabulous homemade oreo I have been dying to try as well.