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Aug 6, 2008 11:59 AM

Foodie souvenirs from Vegas

I have some foodie friends who would prefer something different rather than a souvenir from wherever we go.
Any places which you recommend that would pack something that could be brough home on flight? (pastries) OR
Liquid gifts that could be packed in baggage?
Dry goods?
All three have a weakness for European (mostly italian and french) tastes.

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  1. Besides Ethel M there are very few foodie items that are made in the area. There is a few places to buy foodie things there though, especially the International Market. They carry so many things there that you will have a hard time choosing.

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    1. re: seal

      Where is said Market?
      I was even thinking of picking up a box of pastries or such and taking them on the flight with me since they are picking us up.

      1. re: itryalot

        Here is a link to a recent thread with all the info for the market:

        To get there just drive up Tropicana past the Orleans and make a left on Decatur then your first left. If you drive there, take advantage of the best water ice place west of Philly. Continue up Tropicana until almost the mountains and make a left on Fort Apache and it is about a half mile up on the right in a new strip mall.

        I was there this summer and they had a very wide selection with everything except blood orange juice.

    2. I once stole a chopstick rest that looks like a dragon from an upscale chinese restaurant at Caesars palace. (I doubt the restaurant is still there) It's a souvenir I cherish from an otherwise unmemorable and somewhat disappointing trip to vegas.

      1. Jean-Phillipe Patiserrie in Bellagio has many packaged goodies to take home--chocolate, cookies, financier cakes, tea, coffee.... Their cakes and pastries are very delicious but also very pricey.

        1. I've bought a few interesting foodstuffs at Paris. First, they have a very nice pastry shop that may fit the bill for you. Also, a little ways down the mall to Bally's (just past the buffet) is a small shop specializing in fine French food products. We've bought a couple of things from there - olives in herbs d'provence, some pate, preserved lemon rinds, etc.
          From the Paris/Harrah's website: La Cave
          "Treat your friends at home to gourmet food when you bring them goods from La Cave. Premium French wines, imported cheeses, pates and delectable sweets become a wonderful import into even the most domestic of kitchens. On second thought, forget your friends take these goodies home for yourself!"