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Aug 6, 2008 11:49 AM

Best single slice serving Pizza place?

I've heard/read of many great pizza parlors across NY.

But, which are the best places that serve individual slices?

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  1. Great pizza by the slice is getting harder and harder to find these days, but off the top of my head:

    Patsy's (East Harlem)
    Di Fara
    Artichoke (I've heard the square is the thing, not the round, or crab, or artichoke, but I haven't tried)
    Vinny Vincenz (square)
    Bleecker St (nonna slice)
    Joe's (though not as good as it used to be)

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    1. re: kathryn

      Patsy's is great for the price, but I have never been blown away by their pizza.

      My vote goes to Vinny Vincenz in Manhattan, and Di Fara in the metro area.

      1. re: chet steadman

        The crust at Patsy's is always better than the crust at Vinny Vincenz. Patsy's crust is thinner and charred nicely, with a little bit of internal chewiness and tenderness form being coal-oven fired. Vinny Vincenz's crust is thicker, more homogeneous, and has the all the qualities of coming from a gas-oven, as you can tell the crust was cooked more slowly. Sometimes it comes out WAY too early and barely has any char on it. I like it a lot but the two styles aren't that comparable.

        1. re: kathryn

          They're absolutely different styles, I agree. But given the choice, I would take a fresh slice from Vinny V over one from Patsy's.

          1. re: chet steadman

            I may be biased because I live very close to Vinny Vincenz, and get it a lot. As far as gas oven places go, it's a pretty good gas-oven joint, but there are many gas oven joints in Manhattan. There are far fewer coal oven places, much less ones that don't turn into a sog fest.

    2. Artichoke is the best single slice I've had in a while but Muzzarella's in Avenue A and 14th Street has a great sicilian.

      1. Joe's on Carmine. Don't listen to anyone else :) And the whole thing about the "new" location right down the block. They have been operating a second store front since at least the early 90s. I think for some reason the fact that it's slightly less tiny and "old school" has taken some of the allure out of it. But I can tell you the pizza hasn't changed.

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        1. re: 2slices

          The crust seems different to me now. Thicker than it used to be.

        2. Bleecker Street Pizza. Joe's is a ghost of its former self. Even freshly pulled out it's "feh" and the new crew, to be kind, ain't the old crew..

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          1. re: sing me a bar

            Don't get the raves for Bleecker St. at all. Joe's is somewhere between "feh" and "nu, I've had better".

            1. re: sing me a bar

              I second the Nonna Maria at Bleecker Street. The regular pizza didn't look all that appetizing to me, so I haven't tried it, but the Nonna Maria was excellent.

              1. re: a_and_w

                The regular at Bleecker St. Pizza is awful. The "nonna" slice was edible for the first few bites, but, like Addicted to Lunch, I don't get the popularity of this joint. I don't know what ingredients they're using, but it doesn't taste anywhere near Italian/Italian-American to me.
                I do perceive a difference in Joe's pizza, but I think it has less to do with the second location than it has to do with the change of crew... and possibly ingredients. I hate to say this about Joe's, but there have been times when I could tell the cheese was cheap and gross. And then there are times when a slice from them really hits the spot.

                1. re: vvvindaloo

                  My problem with Joe's is that it's very bland. You really need some kind of greasy meat like pepperoni or sausage to give the slice some flavor.

                  I liked the nonna maria at Bleecker because the sauce was very flavorful and the slice, esp. the fresh mozzarella, was well cooked. I don't typically prefer fresh mozzarella on my pizza because it's often either too watery or like white plastic. The nonna was neither -- a pleasant surprise.

                  I'm curious what you mean by the slice being edible for the "first few bites." What changed while you were eating?

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    I lost my enthusiasm. There was something about the pizza that I just didn't like, and I couldn't ignore it after a few bites.

            2. Bleecker Street Pizza
              Artichoke (get the Artichoke slice, their regular is not as good as Bleeker St or Joe's- the crrust is too thick)