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Aug 6, 2008 11:06 AM

Atwood Grill (NP) - closed?

Does anyone know if the Atwood Grill in North Providence is gone for good as well? I started going to the restaurant about seven months ago - nothing wonderful, but a satisfying Italian dinner at reasonable prices with decent service. It was always good for a 'weeknight dinner' with a small group of friends (though the restaurant was always packed). I noticed a 'Closed for Vacation' sign outside the restaurant since early July...I tried calling the restaurant and all I get is a 'fast busy signal'...not a good sign.

I used to go to Pat Orlando's (Rte 44) frequently (before discovering Atwood Grill) and that has closed as well...soon to be a Mexcian restaurant, according to their signage.

Anyone have the scoop on either place?

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  1. I hear from my barber, that Atwood's is gone for good.

    Reali's and/or the Little Inn on 44 would be good stand-ins.

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      I went to Reali's a few weeks ago (because the other two were closed) and it was delicious - one of the best kept secrets around (as far as myself and my friends are concerned - we never heard about it)! Food and service were excellent.

      Little Inn - I've given up on them a couple of years ago. I always found the meals mediocre and over-ppriced. I alwasy felt 'rushed' by the servers in there as well.