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Aug 6, 2008 10:58 AM

21st B'day dinner in the Quarter

Hi all,

I'm coming to NOLA this weekend for my sister's 21st birthday and need Friday dinner recommendations. She's never been before so it would be great if we could find a place that can give the true New Orleans experience. We are staying at the Marriot on Canal and want to stay within walking distance. It's a mixed group of foodies/non-foodies, so something that appeals to all is essential. Also on that note, not outrageously expensive is important too. And most importantly, it should be festive and a place where MANY drinks can be downed.

I've thought about Galatoires (although maybe a little expensive for those non-foodies), which I've been to before and always had a great experience- although I think we would have to make reservations at the dreaded upstairs. I've also considered Mandina's. I know it's not in my French Quarter criteria, but I hear I can take the street car to get there? I haven't been post- Katrina... a possible concern there might be safety of 5 girls walking around after dark.

Thoughts? Ideas? I'd love some new ideas- I've been to NOLA several times and I feel like I always eat at the same places, so I would love any suggestions!

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