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Aug 6, 2008 10:41 AM

Lunch around Yankee Stadium...

Finally I will be coming to NYC to see a game in The House that Ruth Built!!! Where can my wife and I go for a reasonably priced lunch and some beers before the game?

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  1. please do a search on this board, as this topic has been discussed endlessly.
    my favorite is the feeding tree on gerard ave. you're not far from arthur ave. or from the grand councourse. plenty of good italian on arthur ave and african on the grand concourse.
    can't comment on the bar/restaurants near the stadium, but your search should turn up some positive opinions from others.

    1. If you like Jamaican food, Feeding Tree is the place. There is also a good Hispanic restaurant called El Molino Rojo that I just tried. Both those places are restaurants, not really bars.

      As for bars, the main place is Stans. Stans and all of them are pretty much the same and will all be very crowded. The place I usually go to is Vega Alta, which is right next to Feeding Tree. It is a Hispanic bar with a Yankee theme and is less crowded than the other places.