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Aug 6, 2008 10:30 AM

Edmonton - beef short ribs?

Hi there, seems to be a shortage of beef short ribs (aka maui ribs) at the grocers. Usually buy from T&T, but they're out till Fri/Sat. Tried the backups, Safeway, Superstore, and Sobeys, nothing. Does anyone know where I can buy some, need for a party on Friday night, other than the Korean markets? TIA

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  1. I would try a real butcher shop like Smokin' Iron Farms. There was a good butcher on Stony Plain road and about 160 street -- it was Ben's or Ken's. I remember getting fresh turkey there before Smoking Iron moved into my neighbourhood.

    1. you might want to try cameron's meats

      1. The Superstore and Extra Foods carry the Korean short ribs, sliced thin. I have bought them several times there.

        1. Hey there - I used to get mine from the butcher at Lucky 97 - can't go wrong there :)