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Aug 6, 2008 10:05 AM

St. Louis/Frontenac - ISO restaurant with vegan options

I'll be in St. Louis (the Frontenac area) in November for a conference and need to find a restaurant that will accommodate the diverse dining needs of my staff. We have rabid meat eaters down to strict vegans. It doesn't matter where in St. Louis the restaurant is located.

I'd love to find a restaurant that sources their ingredients locally, but really I'd be happy with a restaurant with great food that has more than one or two vegan options....or that has a chef willing to make changes to certain menu items to make the vegan or vegetarian.

Suggestions? Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Cardwell's Frontenac is an option, but what are you looking to spend?

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    1. re: bobzemuda

      Cardwell's is definitely the best option in that area. Many vegan and octo laven (sp?) dishes. A long time chef there, now elsewhere though, was a hard core vegan. Thus, the many many items that are veggie friendly. I consider this one of my favorite restaurants in STL period. Soups to die for and the entire center page of the menu is changed daily based on what looks good at market.

      1. re: bobzemuda

        Price isn't really an issue...just that our vegan and vegetarian can eat too!

      2. A third vote for Cardwell. I took a Chinese Buddhist there and she was very happy.

        1. Another vote for Cardwell's. I am a vegetarian and was very pleased with the imagination the chef had put into composing my tofu entree. Had a wonderful waitress, and also found the decor to be interesting. The restaurant is in an upscale mall so you can do some pre- or post-dinner strolling indoors - and check out the chocolates at Bissingers in the mall - a candy maker that can trace its ancestry back to the Bissinger who was Napolean's chocolatier.