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Aug 6, 2008 09:58 AM

Rhode Island- Do you have Ice Cream- Homemade

where and what is your favorite flavor? Any farms sell it? Thanks need my fix while there in a couple of weeks.

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  1. nbermas, I've noticed that often when I see a question from you, you are asking if a farm serves dinner, or makes ice cream. While I share your passion for small local farms, I have to point out that the vast majority of farms FARM, rather than preparing food. Some so have stands with prepared foods, but most farms are in the business of growing raw materials.

    That said, RI (like most of New England) also shares your passion for ice cream. The only on-farm option i know of is Sweet Berry Farm, in Middletown. I had their homemade strawberry sorbet last month and was blown away by how good it was.

    Otherwise, perennial ice cream favorites of mine include Gray's in Tiverton, Brickey's in Wakefield and, near RI, Somerset Creamery in Somerset MA. I'm sure there are lots of other excellent options, but those are a few of m favorites.

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      You are the best and answer all my questions about RI in which I have never traveled to yet but I have a feeling with all your help I will be happy! Thanks again

    2. I am going to be one of those repliers that I hate - not really answering the question you asked!

      I think the best homemade ice cream NEAR Rhode Island is in Rehoboth, MA at a place called Uncle Ed's Front Porch. There are consistently over thirty flavors at a time, all made right in the back one batch at a time.

      My favorites are the pie flavors. Coconut cream pie has swirls of cream, chunks of pie crust, and coconut flavored ice cream. He also has fun things like blueberry cobbler pie, lemon meringue pie, plain lemon ice cream, black raspberry oreo, yum!!

      There are also some nice goats and sheep in the backyard.

      Uncle Ed's Front Porch
      116 Winthrop Street (Route 44)
      Rehoboth, MA
      (508) 252-4100‎

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      1. re: Snakebite

        Snakebite; Thanks do you eat snakes too? How far is Blackstone Valley from Rehoboth MA? I will take a ride anything else in the area worth seeing?

        1. re: nbermas

          nbermas, it's almost an hour from Chepachet to Rehoboth, there's really no good, clear route. It's on the other side of Providence and while this place might have excellent ice cream, there's plenty of excellent ice cream to be had closer to your home base, I can't see it being worth that drive.

          And FYI, you're not staying in the Blackstone Valley....that is Worcester, down through Sutton/Uxbridge/Woonsocket/Pawtucket/Providence. Chepachet is near it, but not in it.

          There is a place w/WONDERFUL ice cream very close to you, but the setting is sadly lacking. It's right on Rt 44 in Greenville, hard by the assisted living facility of Waterman Lakes. I can't recall the name - if you left Chepachet and headed east on Rt 44, it's about 5-6 miles from Chepachet center. It's in the area where the lake comes right up to the street on the right, open with no houses to obscure the view. Ice cream shop is on the left ....nice view of the water but no nice seating or anything. But I went a year or two ago based on a recommendation and the ice cream was top-notch.

          Probably my favorite in the area is Ice Cream Machine in Cumberland (20 miles or so from chepachet)

          1. re: JaneRI

            I LOVE the Ice Cream Machine! Their ice cream is the best.

        2. re: Snakebite

          I went here last night - it was great! Thanks for the tip. I tried the Banana Chip, Raspberry Chocolate Chip and the Baileys Irish Creme and settled on the Baileys. It was really smooth and creamy and I did not miss having any crunch at all. Portions were small for the price, but the quality was so good I did not mind. Also, the single scoop I had satisfied my craving, so no need for more. The staff was very willing to let us try as many flavors as we wanted before we decided. Thanks again for the tip -

          Editing to clarify that we went to Ed's Front Porch - the post did not place where I intended it to!

        3. You are really beating this dead horse, aren't you? (said w/a laugh).

          Buttonwood Farm, Griswold CT (32 miles from Chepachet where you're staying).

          If you printed out that long daytrip I posted for you a while ago, you will drive past We-Lik-It Farm on the way to Sharpe Hill Winery in CT.
          Rich Road, Box 14
          Abington, CT 06278

          UCONN at Storrs makes their own ice cream as well.

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          1. re: JaneRI

            Thank you very much for your help!

          2. Not RI but right on the border in Moosup CT..which is up rt14/Plainfield Pike. Not far from Rt6 either. About 40mins from Chepachet.

            Not sure if this is Homemade but its closer to you in Hope. Call and ask.

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            1. re: no0b

              I just did a search and it is 2 hours away, thanks but way too far for this trip that is suppose to be relaxing and not spend money on gas. We want to travel within a 15- 20 mile radius from Chepachet. But we are taking the pretty way up from FFD County area so any ideas, thanks I appreciate it immensely.

              1. re: no0b

                Moosup is too far away about 2 hours, we would like to stay close to Chepachet to save money with Gas but want to go to all the fab farms in the area. Thanks very much

                1. re: nbermas

                  Not sure what you used to search but it's only 43mins.

                  Sorry, I know still too far just wanted to clarify that it's not 2hrs from RI. But if you're coming from FFD County, you might have to pass it on the way to Chepachet anyway. Just a thought. Chepachet being "country" like must have some homeamade icecream somewhere.

                  1. re: no0b

                    grays in tiverton makes there own and its great.they are in tiverton four courners,with an annex in bristol[bristol is a hidden gem of eats,but lets focus on ice cream here],right on the water.also in bristol,the daily scoop,maybe a small chain?,has some amazing flavors,try the cake batter,rhode island licks!!!!!

              2. here you go.....lots of responses here....

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                  Another great place is "Inside Scoop" in North Kingstown. It's not a farm, but it is homemade.

                  1. re: JaneRI

                    I know isn't it fun! I wonder if you know of any RI food bloggers?