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Aug 6, 2008 08:56 AM

Dinner in Portland: Help

In the next few weeks, we will have the opportunity to dine in Portand for one night, a Friday. We have reservations for Fore St., Hugo's and 555. Any thoughts of which of the three we should choice.

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  1. Hi Marty....I live in Portland and know all 3 restaurants. I'll tell you a little about each one...Fore Street is a large open sort of high end rustic place with open fire hearths. They use mostly local and organic ingredients and they are known for their fire roasted meats and seafoods. A very nice place if you're looking for that experience. Hugo's is very different, his food is unbelievably precious and unique. I know a lot about food but the Waiter had to explain what everything in each dish was, it's that unrecognizable. Which isn't to say it's not good, it's all very delicious but also expensive and small portions. It's very artistic and a good choice if that sort of food appeals to you. 555 is also very good. It's known for meat and seafood and is above average all around. I think if I had one night I'd choose Fore Street because it is down by the water in the Old Port part of town and 555 is up on the main drag
    ( Congress Street ) which is mostly not the most scenic place you'll see!!
    Good luck!


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      I will be in Portland next week and unfortunately could not get a reservation at Fore Street, but was able to make one at Street & Co. Fore Street mentioned their walk-in policy, so I was wondering if anyone familiar with both restaurants would comment on which option I should take.

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        I also would choose Fore St......
        Large variety, excellent food, moderately priced, slightly noisy, but a very fine restaurant.....
        555 is expensive, because I thought $35 for three small pieces a lamb is a ropoff!
        Hugo's is an experience, but you will spend a lot of money, and possibly leave hungry....., but the plates come beautifully decorated, very colorful sauces, and I think they change the silverware with each serving, but you are paying for this...... I went a few weeks ago, but really enjoy more traditional restaurants much much better......
        Last night (4) of us ate at David's 388 in South Portland.....
        Also a tapas restaurant, but we all felt it was one of the best meals we had in the Portland area.....