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Aug 6, 2008 08:53 AM

Lunch - Quincy MA

Will be coming over from Long Island on the Cross Sound Ferry for my cousin's wedding in Sept. We are staying at the Adams Inn in Quincy. Not too familiar with the area. The last time we were there we had breakfast at the Strawberry Fair. Not sure if they do lunch? Is there somewhere for lunch near the hotel? Or if anyone knows a good stop on the way from New London CT to Quincy that would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Adams Inn is in North Quincy, but it's tucked right by the water near the highway and isn't exactly walkable to the restaurants in the area. It's not a long walk, so much as not a particularly pretty one nor a direct one. If you don't mind the 5 minute drive or so, there are good Asian options near the N Quincy T station (East Chinatown, Pho Hoa, Shabu, Beni Cafe etc.). If you drive another 5 minutes you'll hit Wollaston with Fuji for Japanese and local pizza joints (including a Papa Ginos). Another 5-7 minutes and you'll hit Quincy Center with more options and variety. There's been some recent threads about places in Quincy and the South Shore in general that may be helpful.

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      I guess I shoud have mentioned that we'll have a car. Would not mind a drive if it's for good chow. Thanks for the recos.

    2. Or you could drive 5 min. the other way and hit Blasi's/Fat Belly Deli in Adam's Village if a good sandwich is what you're looking for.

      There is a Panera Bread within walking distance.

      I'd suggest against the Chinese place right by the hotel.

      1. Agree with C. Hamster--do not go to the Chinese restaurant near your hotel called Cathay Pacific. Ugh--filthy bathrooms and who knows what else last time I was there.

        If you're looking for a spot between New London and Quincy, Providence is a great halfway-ish stop. Chez Pascal is out of this world good--but it's a bit of a destination restaurant and after the (lovely) ferry ride and a hike in the car, you may not be up for it. Parkside right in Providence is great too. A look on the NE board will show many options in pretty Provvy.

        Glad you posted, it reminds me it's time to plan my annual LI trip, the Hampy Scamper! Hope Pacific East is still terrific.

        Have a great trip and enjoy Quincy: get some full-bellied clams at Tony's Clam Shop on Quincy Shore Drive, sushi at Fuji 1486 and a drink at Alba--both in Quincy CTR--for me!!

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          I was wondering what Chinese C. Hamster was referring to. Yeah, that place is sketchy and I don't even associate that place with food. Always filled with parked cars, but I've only heard horror stories about that place.

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            Thanks for your reply. Cross Pacific East off your list this year. They did not re-open this year.

          2. I highly recommend La Paloma - it's on Newport Avenue which is about a 5 minute drive from where you are staying. They make excellent fajitas and margaritas and serve homemade salsa which is addictive.

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              Sadly, I have never had a good meal at La Paloma, and I hope they have improved, but Quincy has more to offer.

              In addition to other good recommendations I would add Little Q on Hancock Street for amazing hotpot and Punjab Cafe on 3A. Hancock Street has a number of good restaurants.

              Little Q may be an endangered species, since it seems the city of Quincy may have purchased the building for $ 2-3Million, so it is worth visiting while you can.

              Little Q still provides excellent food - check out their website to see if it is of interest.

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                All may not yet be lost with Little Q, as the city is trying to help them relocate near Kam Man Plaza, which would be great.

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                  That's great news! I hope it works out.

            2. In Quincy Center, the Fat Cat and Blue-22 are both very good. For Chinese food, East Chinatown and Quincy Dynasty, both in North Quincy not far from your hotel, are excellent. If you want Italian, Tulio's on Hancock St. is almost walking distance to your hotel.

              If the weather is warm enough when you come, then sitting on the patio at Tony's Clam Shack on Wollaston beach would be great. Order up a platter of fried clams, or clam fritters, or their excellent lobster roll, and enjoy the view.