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Aug 6, 2008 08:44 AM

Food in Kill Devil Hills

Hi everyone! My wife & I are going to Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks the first week of September and we were wondering if anyone had any food recommendations. I have a particular interest in North Carolina BBQ. We are also looking for a nice restaurant for our Anniversary dinner on Thursday.

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  1. It may be argued whether or not the OBX has good eastern NC style BBQ. With the possible exception of Corolla Village BBQ up north, I don't think you'll find top notch Q around KDH. Best offering nearby might be High Cotton BBQ, in Kitty Hawk (MP 1.5) on the beach road across from the Hilton Garden Inn. But....for good coastal recommendations would include Kill Devil Grill (MP 9.75), get the Key Lime Pie for desert. And down in Nags Head, MP 16.5, is Owens Restaurant. Consistently excellent. Get whatever seafood they're featuring that evening, it's all good.
    Happy Anniversary!

    1. There are several recent threads on outer banks restaurants and even specifically about barbecue at the outer banks, so do a search and you should be able to find a lot of good info.

      1. Nice dinner - Kill Devil Grill, moderate, or Ocean Boulevard, pricey.
        Ate at both last month, and had a better time at KD Grill. Good cooking and good value. Had excellent soft shell crabs over a smoky polenta. By comparison, on a Saturday night in July, Ocean Boulevard was verrry quiet. Had an interesting fish called sheephead that is local, but at $23 was a little overpriced. And, if you're thinking about a martini, think again. $13.
        By the way, don't miss John's, MP 5 or so, on the beach road, for excellent milk shakes. Open until 5 only, and closed Tuesday or Wednesday.

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          AHHH....on my Mommy-and-Me-and-Me-Too tour with my kids (my oldest is going away to college later this month), we tried going to Kill Devil Grill TWICE. Once for dinner on Sunday 8/10, and then for lunch on Monday 8/11. The parking lot was empty, and it was closed (not sure if for good, or they're not open on Sundays or Mondays)! I was so looking forward to a great meal at the beach.

          Speaking of meals at KDH, do NOT go to Miller's. Even my teenagers said it was horrible! The hot crab dip wasn't even lump, no creamy texture, just oily and then more oil from the cheddar. The fried calamari looked like doughnut shaped fish sticks (it was calamari however), and the marinara sauce with it was the usual out-of-the-can sauce. My son's "jumbo" burger was a thin tasteless sphere on a lot of bun, and the tomatoes! They were small (2 in in circumference) Roma tomatoes slices. They were nice enough to give him 2. My daughter and I split a crabcake sandwich, and coming from Baltimore, we should have known not to get it. Suffice it to say it was not lump. The only shining moment was the basket of warm hush puppies with butter. How can you go wrong with deep-fried balls of cornbread? 1 iced tea, and one virgin strawbery daiquiri...53 dollars with tip. ARGHHH

          Now, for great sandwiches, we went to the Beach Bread Company right on the main drag for lunch on Monday. My daughter and I split a turkey with applewood bacon panini with herbed mayo, and my son had the ham and swiss on rye with honey dijon. And the tomato slices were regular in size, not Roma tomatoes! We split a large Caesar salad, my daughter had hot chamomile tea, and my son and I had bottled Pellegrino. Best lunch this vacation.

          Soft serve ice cream in 24 flavors? Snowbird on the Beach Road in KDH.

          Advice: DO NOT GO TO MILLERS.

          1. re: SteviesBaby

            Kill Devil Grill is not open on Sun night or Monday. It opens, I think, Tuesday or Wednesday. Never have been to Millers in 20 yrs of going to Nags Head; same for many other places, such as Port o' Call, Owens, Henrys. And stopped going to Sam and Omie's after change of ownership. Tried one new place this year, Barefoot Bernie's, and was pleasantly surprised by large menu, decently prepared.

        2. I know I'm late, but for future reference, the Red Drum Taphouse is one of my favorites. I've always had great food there. It's kind of noisy, but tolerable for my money.

          J.K.'s is a good choice for really fine dining with unusual entrees. Expensive, but well worth it.

          I echo the Miller's warning and add to it one for The Dunes in Nags Head.