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Aug 6, 2008 08:21 AM

Where to buy yuca/plantains below 96th st?

I want to start experimenting with these are was looking for anywhere I can buy these items and not too overpriced?

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  1. Capitol Deli. Columbus between 87th and 88th.

    1. You don't mention whether you're on the east side or west. If it's east, you might try C Town Supermarket, 1721 First Ave. (NW corner of First and 89th St.) They usually have plantains, both green and ripe. I've never looked for yuca, but I wouldn't be surprised if they carried that, as well. You could call to save yourself a wasted trip, though: 212-360-5849.

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        I"m on the west side but i'm open to either as I love the crosstown buses :)

        Both places sound great! I can't wait..

      2. MUCH farther downtown, try the Essex Street Market.
        There are a number of produce vendors (of varying quality), but the prices are rock bottom for Manhattan.

        1. I see them at most of the cheaper markets. My Pioneer has them, the Gristedes on 96th should have them. Western Beef has them. Fairway has them. If you haven't cooked with plantains before, do remember that there is a big difference between the green plantains and the darker, sweeter ones.

          1. You mean they don't sell them at every bodega in manhattan? I think I'm becoming Washington heights centric lol.