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Aug 6, 2008 08:17 AM

Peach Picking

Any favorite spots? The season is starting and we think it might be fun to take the kids. We are in Arlington, but we willing to drive. It would be nice to have a nice bakery or food spot if it's a hike away.

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  1. Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton is picking peaches.

    I haven't been but my daughters have gone both peach and apple picking there. Its a beautiful place, can picnic there I think, a restaurant (no idea about the food).

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      The food at J's at the Winery is very good. Everytime we've been there, everything they serve is fresh and bright. It's also a pleasant setting; the dining room is situated in an old farm house with views of the orchards. Right now they are offering a chilled Peach Soup at lunch and dinner. I also just read that they grow six different varieties of peaches. I'd say it'd be a place to think about visiting.

      Harp, good to see you back on the CH board. I have so missed reading your posts. You always have such an erudite way of expressing yourself!

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        Troglodyte, luddite or what???

        Thanks Ms. Elizabeth!


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        went to nashoba peach picking or picking of any kind there or at any other local orchards.....hail ruined the picking. unfortunately, the website was not updated. so i tasted beer and wine instead.

      3. This isn't peach picking per se, rather a great family-oriented festival/celebration of Bay State grown apples & peaches in Acushnet. This will be their 29th annual Apple/Peach Festival and will take place on Sept. 6th & 7th. Lots of home made fruit pies, cakes, etc. along with traditional Portuguese offering will be available. There is always entertainment as well. Here's a link to one of Louis' previous postings on the Festival.


        BTW, they grow white Georgia Peaches down on the South Coast, who knew?

        1. Mohawk farms off rt 2 an the Coleraine border has what they call "three napkin peaches" and they truley do require several napkin to catch all the juices. The best I have ever had. Also the best maple sugar, apples etc.
          Near Shelburn Falls Bridge of Flowers with all sorts of restaurants ,glassblowing, odd rock formations etc. Great day out for the family.

          1. Smolak farm in North Andover has peach picking and a festival I think at the end of August ( they have a website that has more info on it). They have an icecream stand with Treadwells Icecream, a bakery and small store , a small playground and farm animals. Our family loves going there.

            1. Lookout Farm in South Natick has peach picking now.

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                Their U-pick hotline says that they are picking ginger gold apples and nectarine, but that peaches aren't ready yet. . .did you actually pick peaches?