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Aug 6, 2008 08:14 AM

Pastrami or a hot dog?

I'm going to a 1 pm Yankees game. I was just going to get a hot dog at the park (or what other alternative? - not sure what they serve at the stadium), but then I was you think it would be too much hassle to go the Second Avenue Deli and have a pastrami sandwich then get on the subway up to the game? I've been to Katz and Carnegie, this will complete the "Big Three" for me. I've heard the SAD is small and the lines can be long - ya think if I get in line around 11 I'd be ok? Or is eating at Yankee Stadium a New York must-do, too?

If you think it's better just to eat at the park, would you switch out a db burger for a SAD pastrami on another day? (I know totally different experiences).

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  1. First off, there is no such thing as too much hassle for a good pastrami on rye. However I am a bit surprised that Sarge's pastrami doesn't crack your top 3. In my view it's number 2 in the city - behind Katz.

    I would definitely sub in a pastrami sandwhich for a DB burger.

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      Where's Sarge's? Never heard of it. I'm not a local (obviously) and that one never gets mentioned.

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        Just looked it up - just a few blocks away.

      2. As much as I enjoy the hot italian sausages at the game, there really is no particular reason to save yourself to eat at Yankee Stadium.

        I've never loved the Second Ave Deli pastrami as much as I do Katz's. I will give it a slight nod over Sarge's but the difference isn't huge (except maybe cost). I have also always thought Second Ave. Deli did a better corned beef than pastrami. Since you are an out of towner, I'd def. recommend Second ave deli over sarges if for nothing more than for the name recognition alone (not to mention I think they are slightly better).

        I dont think it will be too much of a hassle to stop at SAD on your way to the game. They are located only a block and a half from the 6 train, which you'll take one stop to the 4 which goes to Yankee Stadium. The crowds have died down since it first opened and worst comes to worst, you can always get a sandwich (and the obligatory Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda) to go and either eat on the subway or bring it into the stadium, which they allow you to do now. The subway will take maybe 15-20 minutes to get to the stadium, so you should have plenty of time.

        1. Eating at Yankee Stadium unfortunately is not a must-do. I wish it were. But if you do, get a dog on the field level between Home and First. I can't think of the vendor’s name, but this particular stand really grills them up and serves with sauerkraut, which most do not. The second best option at the stadium is a sausage and pepper hero. But really, this is not a reccommendation and everything is obscenely overpriced, including water. Crackerjacks and a Bud will run you about $15, if that's a good indication. There's all kinds of regulations about what you can bring into the stadium in what kind of bags. So, you should check out their web site. Let's go Yanks!

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            I'm ready to spit I'm so excited - going to the very last Yankees-Red Sox game in Yankee Stadium, ever. Whole purpose of the trip, the rest is just icing on the cake. I think I will get the pastrami before I go - then I can just get a cotton candy at the game and be happy, and not have to wait in line for food. yes, I've checked their website and you can bring in a bottle of water so that's what I plan on doing.

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              Only offering I find palatable at Yankee Stadium is the chicken fingers. I personally would grab a sub sandwich and take it with you to the game.

            2. you can always get a carls cheesesteak...good luck out there, it's brutal out

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                Kci, what do you mean it's brutal out?

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                  I'm actually going to be "sightseeing" in Grand Central before lunch, I was going to make the special trip down to the SAD...however, I see that I can get a pastrami sandwich at Junior's right in GC...and looking at a couple of posts here on CH makes me think it's not the end of the world, it sure would be convenient - what do you think? Junior's?

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                    No, do not do that if you want a good pastrami sandwich. Sarges is a 5 minute walk from grand central and 2nd ave deli is a 10 minute walk and both are much better than eating a subpar sandwich from Juniors.

                    If you want to stay in Grand Central for food, I'd recommend the takeout counter at Grand Central Oyster bar (assuming its open on the weekends) and grab a fried oyster po boy.

                    1. re: ESNY

                      That's what I thought you'd say. I'll just stick with my original plan.