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Private dinner for 15 - ESK, Dante, Sorisso, Stella, Upstairs on the Square?

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Looking for a private or semi-private room for up to 20 guests. Looking for something near a T station, comfortable, fun, celebratory, and for less than $100 per person. Currently waiting for quotes from Upstairs on the Square and Sorisso. I plan to contact Stella and Eastern Standard today. Any place else you recommend I consider? This is a kick-off celebration for a work project. If the budget is too low for dinner I'd consider cocktails and heavy hors d'overs. Thank you!

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  1. We have had great experiences (service, food, room,etc.) with Smith and Wollensky for our office for this type of event for this size of group.

    1. Avila on Charles Street South, across from the Transportation Building has a couple of nice private rooms and easily reached for anyone downtown or by T. Might be a little too expense account-ish for your group, though you seem to be looking at some upscale places.

      One thing I will say about Stella is it is super noisy so if you want to do toasts, etc. that would not be my first choice unless they are willing give you most or all of the back room. Also, it is not really near the T, though it is on the Silver Line (bus)

      1. Banq has a beautiful semi-private space worth looking into.

        1. Mamma Maria in the North End. They have a beautiful room for 20...Great setting and food!

          1. I had a birthday party with about the same size crowd at Eastern Standard, and we took the back room and had a fabulous time. It's great because the room doesn't cost extra - you just have to call in advance to book a reso. And obviously the food is some of the best in the city, and portions are pretty decent, so you could get a lot of platters to share. Or just spend the budget on drinks - it's worth it :)

            Dante was my second choice - I know they require a certain amt. to reserve their private room, or they ask guests to order from a pricier per head menu - so not the most budget friendly. Their portions are also quite small so not the best bang for your buck. However, it has an amazing view of the Charles, and chef Dante is awesome!