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Aug 6, 2008 07:50 AM

Giacomo's N End v. Giacomo's S End

Is there any difference in quality between the food at the Giacomo's in the North End and the Giacomo's in the South End?

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  1. I tend to stay away from the Giacomo's in the North End, just because I feel there are so many other (better) options to choose from. In the South End, however, there really aren't many good, basic Italian spots, so Giacomo's is a great choice (and one of the few available) when I want down-home pasta and red sauce. It's not earth-shattering food by any means, just consistently good. That may also be the case w/the North End location.

    1. Well, the main difference is that the Giacomo's in the North End is in the North End, while the one in the South End is...

      Sorry for being cheeky.

      Actually, I find the main difference to be the lines and the wait. The North End version usually takes much longer to get into. Other than that, they're essentially the same.

      1. I prefer the southend. Nicer room, great staff, neighborly compared to touristy in NE.

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          I agree. Not touristy at all. Plus I forgot you can make res at the south end one...

        2. The one in the South End takes reservations AND it is actually possible to find a parking spot somewhere in the area, without taking out a second mortgage to park in a garage.