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Aug 6, 2008 07:36 AM

Fun Lunch in Mid 40s Around 5th?

Meeting up with a friend for lunch tomorrow in the mid-40s around 5th. She works in times square and I work in the 50s on Lex. We were going to have lunch around here and go to Pampano, but lunch now needs to be closer to her or halfway between our offices. I'm drawing a blank for a fun, sit down restaurant that is moderately priced (I've thought about DB Bistro and The Modern, but I want something a little more casual). Any thoughts?

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  1. How about Akdeniz - excellent and very reasonable Turkish food that is a favorite of many, myself included. Nice, intimate place with friendly, attentive service. Here's a lunch link:

    1. pera on madison & 41st is a good spot. you could also sit in bryant park at the cafe or grill.