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Aug 6, 2008 07:36 AM

Dog Friendly Portsmouth?

I have a trip planned to Portsmouth later in the month, and my very well-behaved puppy will be joining me. Does anyone know of restaurants in Portsmouth with outdoor seating that are dog friendly? No restrictions on type of food or anything - just looking for a place that wouldn't mind a little four-legged company.

Also, if we wanted to do a picnic, are there any parks in Portsmouth that are dog friendly?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Portsmouth is a dog friendly city! The city has a web page of maps - - that is worth checking out. One of the map provides off leash dog areas. I would highly recommend Pierce Island - dogs are welcome and it's a beautiful spot on the water. Popovers is in the Market Square on Congress Street. Cafe type food, with an outdoor seating area where I frequently see dogs. There may be other dog friendly restaurants downtown. If you are downtown, you're in walking distance of the only dog park on the New England Seacoast (see the maps again). Enjoy your trip!