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Aug 6, 2008 07:32 AM

Espresso pot

I've been on a hunt for a while now, for the traditionally designed stove-top espresso pot. The problem is that everything I've found is aluminum. The one I recall from my childhood was, I'm certain, stainless steel. Suggestions? I've tried everything from Benix to Williams Sonoma, and they seem all to carry the same aluminum brand. TIA.

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  1. You can get stainless steel Bialetti moka pots at the St. Lawrence Market housewares shop across from Whitehouse Meats. You should also easily be able to find them on St. Clair West near Dufferin in various shops, or maybe on College Street, although there's not much Italian about that neighbourhood anymore.

    1. According to this thread ( you can get the Musa design (Bialetti) in St. Clair West ... I'm 99.99% sure that model is stainless steel.

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      1. i bought mine at Home Sense but that was a couple of years ago. They always have a wide range of espresso pots (at least that's what i've noticed) and they're priced a lot better than other stores.