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Aug 6, 2008 07:21 AM

Sutra Reviews?

Any one check out Sutra ( yet and have a review to pass along?


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  1. We went last night. The food is very tasty, highly inventive and beautifully presented. Particularly nice was a "pasta" consisting of peeled parsnip -- rich, heavily spiced, delicious. My only complaint was that I wanted more of it.

    Celeriac soup had great flavor and consistency, and the bowl was a composed work of art. Dessert cup of multi-layered custard, chocolate, and berry was also very good.

    Each course was fairly dainty. Altogether a nice meal, but you might find yourself snacking later.

    I'm a little worried about them, because we only had 5 people at the 6 p.m. seating. But there's no doubt these guys can cook and have a creative streak a mile wide.