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Aug 6, 2008 07:16 AM

ferro - st. clair west

we use to go to ferro's frequentely...but then the lineups got to long, and the noise level increased, so we found other restaurants to go to.
However we always loved the food.

Last nite, we returned..after many many years. We safely went at 8:30 avoid a line up and that was a good decision!! We were seated right away!!
The menu..had changed and our favorite panini was no longer available on the dinner menu. (only 2 meat panin's were listed and we are vegetarian). The waiter informed us the menu had changed two months ago and they only serve a wide variety of panins on their lunch menu.

So, I split a "daily special" risotto with beets and split a gardeniere salad (that I use to have years and years ago). We also ordered a pizza and minestrone soup.

To sum everything up: the plates were CLEAN when they removed them.
Everything was delicious....the service was attentive and friendly and we all talked out how consistent the food has been over the years.

I will need to go back at lunch though for my panini sandwich..(which is still on the menu)

Highly recommended!!

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  1. Coincidentally, I too just made a trip there after not being there in over a year at least and had a great experience. The service was very attentive, the food was excellent - I had a salad with grilled salmon which was fresh, moist and full of flavour, the salad itself was comprised of fresh, crisp vegetables and the balsamic dressing was perfect! We also all shared the vegetarian antipasto platter which was also fantastic...lots of variety, flavour and cooked to was huge and so we couldn't finish it and brought the rest home. My sister was also very pleased with her salad and the pizza that we ordered for her little one (and which my sis could not resist) was, according to them also tasty. I will definitely be back and soon!