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Aug 6, 2008 07:12 AM

Tai Hing

This a little hole in the wall which opens at 7 AM for a Cantonese breakfast of congee. Not a high end place but something which you can do a breakfast special for about 6 CAD which includes a selected congee (which I ordered the sampan one) and a choice of either rice roll, soy sauce chow mien or fried bread.

Lot of lunch specials but I eaten any thing expect the breakfast special. Normally I in Canada in the fall and there is nothing like a warm bowl of congee on a cold morning.

This was a hang out of my cousin who life in the area.

Worth checking out. Petty sure the lady speaks enough English, not sure.

There were lot of daily specials for under 4 CAD which are not ready for breakfast.

Did have there won ton a couple of years ago good but the in the first group of best won tons.

Tai Hing Restaurant
8075 Park Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y1S8, CA

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  1. That's a regular place for my father who lives in Richmond. He orders noodles for lunch since he isn't big on congee. It is also very close to Chen's Shanghai Kitchen.

    Off topic - Park Road is where it all started for Chinese food in Richmond. The first real Asian grocery store (called ChinaCan) opened there in the late 70's. For the first time, Asians who live in Richmond didn't have to go to Vancouver's Chinatown to buy bulk rice in bags and other items like real soy sauce, etc. A bunch Chinese restaurants opened up around it..and the rest is history.

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      Thanks for the history lesson. Not bad for a guy from the Bay Area to find all these hidden gems.

      I am on a set work out program to drop some pounds.

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        Yea, nice sleuthing, yimster... you're way ahead of me on the Richmond restos. Must get over my 'burb phobia :-).