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Aug 6, 2008 06:28 AM

Iced coffee

I am not a hot coffee drinker, but recently tried an iced coffee made with instant coffee, and enjoyed it a lot. I would like to make iced coffee with the nifty-sounding flavored coffee beans I see all over the place. When I watched my friend make the iced coffee, she dissolved just a small amount of instant coffee in hot water (boiled) and then added milk. How could I do this with the flavored coffees that come in bean form? Even if they're ground, I know that you can't just add them to boiled water for the small amount needed for the iced coffee. Can some helpful, knowledgeable person out there help me; I love the smell of the flavored coffees, but would like them in an iced variety. Thanks.

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  1. Can't help you with the method you describe, but I can share how I make iced coffee, which I drink every morning from May to September. I like flavored coffee beans as well and use hazelnut, vanilla, etc. flavored beans or just plain old Columbian. My coffeemaker has a timer and every evening before I go to bed, I grind fresh beans, fill it up and program it to brew @ 2:00 a.m. That way I have fresh brewed, albeit room temperature, coffee first thing in the morning. I make it about 25% stronger with more ground coffee than if I were drinking it hot. I like my drink in a very tall glass (OK, it's a quart!) with lots of ice. I fill 'er up and am good to go for the morning. Figure I save a bunch over not going to Starbucks. Hope this helps.

    1. If you have ground beans, you can add about 1/3c to 1 1/2c cold water and let it sit overnight or up to 24 hours. Strain it through a coffee filter and add ice and milk. It takes a little more planning, but many people prefer cold-brewed iced coffee, as it tends to taste less acidic.

      1. We make various types of coffee (flavored and non-flavored) in a french press and enjoy them hot and cold. Try drinking the cold coffee through a straw, like Starbuck serves them. Using a straw seems to more closely duplicate the Starbucks taste at home IMHO.

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          I also make my iced coffee in a French press. I brew it extra strong (about one more tablespoon of coffee than usual) and let it stand longer than if I were drinking it hot. I pour it into a tempered glass pitcher, and refrigerate it. To replicate the coffee bar taste, I shake it with milk and sugar before I pour it over ice. (Those one-pint plastic milk containers are perfect shakers.) Sometimes I even save the plastic cups and straws from coffee runs, and then I'm completely convinced I got a store-bought iced coffee.

          Also, please remember to use the coffee grounds in the garden. After I've poured out the coffee, I put a little water in with the grounds and pour the mixture on the base of my roses.

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            I use a French press in the summer as well. You can cover the French press with plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight. In the morning, just press and pour.

        2. Try using a Toddy Cold Brew System - - makes the best iced coffee - you let the coffee steep overnight with cold water and make a carafe of concentrate - store the carafe in the refridgerator and use this to make your iced coffee -

          1. I brew a double strength half pot the night before and refrigerate. Can quickly assemble in the morning. I use a hand crank ice crusher to fill my to-go cup 2/3 with ice, pour over coffee, and add half and half to desired level of creaminess. When I am feeling frisky I add a touch of vanilla extract and a trace of sugar or Splenda as well.