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Aug 6, 2008 06:22 AM

Surprised by a great lunch at Tavern on the Hill in CHill

Walked out of Chestnut Hill Coffee hungry yesterday and for some reason decided to check out the Tuesday Wings special at the Tavern on the Hill, a place so unassuming that I usually forget it's there. I was alone inside and the dark wood interior was a little forbidding at 1 o'clock on a summer afternoon, but I sat with a paper and ordered the wings, medium-hot (at 1/2 price all day on Tuesdays, it was a $3.75 lunch, so I figured at worst I'd be out a few bucks).

What a great surprise! Delicious wings with a nicely balanced sauce, house-made blue cheese dressing (instead of the usual glop from a plastic tub that's mostly corn syrup) and very fresh veggies on the side. When I make wings at home I deep-fry them; these were clearly grilled (they must have one of those stove-top grills in the kitchen) and the skin was perfectly crisp with little strips of char.

They were really good, and the careful preparation seems like a good omen for the rest of the menu. I'd never been there before but I heard the waitress telling another customer (who arrived when I was nearly done) that they'd recently redone the interior. It looked nice - dark and comfortable.

I'll be back to check out the rest of the food.

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