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Aug 6, 2008 05:38 AM

Bad news for Baltimore sausage lovers -- fire at Binkert's

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I know quite a few folks who adore Binkert's. I wonder if/when they'll reopen.

    1. This is a huge tragedy to my weekend grill ups. They had THE best sausages and cold meats.

      Why isn't anyone else talking abou this? Anyone on good places to go aas a backup?

      If you say Ostrowski's, I'll haunt your dreams naked. F them, I live 5 blocks from there and it really isn't all that good. Him or his brother.

      Maybe Krakus....

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      1. re: Tourettes

        From what I gather, the destruction wasn't that devastating. I imagine they'll be open up enough soon. The embassies in DC won't allow them to close!

        Binkert's is certainly one of the best kept foodie secret in Baltimore. Their sausages are the best in the city, hands down. I'm shocked that Whole Foods or Eddies don't carry Binkert's products, and Binkerts should try to nab a stall at the Belvedere Market or the farmer's market, and they would make a fortune.