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Aug 6, 2008 04:55 AM

MSP- Lasagna

To hot for my oven to be on, so who in MSP has lasagna that is a hit ????

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  1. I like the lasagna at Broder's.

    1. Like watermelon and sweet corn in Winter, this is a good time to eat something else. The good old "tuscan bread salad" has all the elements of lasagna and no cooking. Real bread (Rustica), good olive oil, some early tomatoes, sweet onion, basil, balsamic vinegar, reggiano......

      Buon Giorno Deli in Lillydale has lasagna ready to eat, reheat, and frozen.

      1. Fat Lorenzo's has some pretty darn good lasagna...

        1. I had the "Classic" Lasagna from Zelino (Zelo's takeout arm) for lunch today. Really outstanding. It's probably on the menu at Zelo as well.

          They also have a spinach/mushroom version that is good.

          1. Tinucci's Deli - I go to the one in Newport - has Italian Wednesdays. Good portions, good homemade food. I usually get the chicken parmesan - really nice. Their homemade meat lasagna is well worth the trip.