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Aug 6, 2008 03:36 AM

Has anyone been to Rectangles on the UES?

I've passed this restaurant by so many times on my way to another. I always forget it's there, and it has never been a destination restaurant. Is it worth seeking out?

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  1. This will probably be the opposite of helpful (haha)....but I ordered delivery from them a couple of times when I lived in the hood. But, that was 2 years ago and I have no idea if their menu has changed. I usually end up at Beyoglu.

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    1. re: piegirl74

      What kind of food do they serve? Never noticed the place ...

      1. re: MMRuth

        It used to be in the East Village and moved to the UES. They were a Yemenite Israeli restaurant -- probably the only place I found malawach in Manhattan (there probably are more malawach restaurants -- just don't know of any).

    2. I have also wondered about this place so intelligence from others would be welcomed. Weird name but maybe the food is good?

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      1. re: City Kid

        It's good but by no means a destination place (unless you're looking for malawach). You will find much better restaurants serving this type of food in Brooklyn. But if you want to stay in Manhattan, Rectanges is not a bad option.

        P.S. I've only been to it when it was located in the East Village.

      2. i eat there every now and then. it isn't the best falafel and israeli food place in new york, but it is solid and consistent . i have no copplaints about it. they do a nice white bean soup a decent falafel and a pretty good chulent on the weekends. i would go here for a special dinner or anything, but as a neighborhood standby they do just fine

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          Exactly. Not the best, but reliable. I live nearby and when in need of a fix for Israeli food, it works for me.

        2. Haven't tried them since they moved uptown. But when they were downtown I found that if I went with Hebrew-speaking Israeli friends the food we got was much better then when I when I wentt on my own or with other English speakers. Just a thought.

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          1. re: Ann900

            better how?

            it isn't like they have 2 different vats of uncooked falafel.....