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Aug 6, 2008 02:42 AM


looking for places to eat that are vegetarian friendly. i have scoured the boards for recs and found a few but wondering if there are any new discoveries... does not have to be vegetarian only place. also, any favorite grocery stores? favorite bars for fresh cocktails and great beer? too many questions at once???

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  1. Hey there, husband is veggie (leaning to vegan) and I eat pesci and veggie, so my recommendations in this thread all stand:

    Have a great time!

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    1. re: Scotpaulabear

      Yes I had seen your post! We made it to Walk to Wok and Australian ice cream because of you!

      1. re: fastbreak

        Hey that's great! I can't think of a better casual dining 1-2 punch in the 'Dam :D What did you think of them?

        1. re: Scotpaulabear

          It was perfect for us because it was late and we were tired, hungry and close by. Veggies w/ tofu, peanuts and teriyaki sauce. No cinnamon ice cream but banana was very good. We even walked over to De Admiraal but they were closed for vacation. I'm pretty sure they are open now and I really want to try Genever!

          1. re: fastbreak

            Glad you enjoyed yourself! I shall have a shot of Rose Without Thorns in your honour :) I'll watch out and see if you have any recs for my next trip...

    2. While not strictly vegetarian, there are a reasonable amount of veggie choices at a fine Italian restaurant called Pulpo. The polenta is not to be missed. Hubby & I enjoyed every dish from appetizer to dessert.

      1. I believe that De Witte Uyl always has a few vegetarian options – and the food is excellent.

        I’ve also heard that Eat at Jo’s at the Melkweg has vegan and vegetarian options (haven’t been there yet, though).

        Oh, and while I’ve generally had bad luck with Indian food in Amsterdam, on a good day Dosa could be an option as well.

        Dosa South Indian Restaurant
        Overtoom 146 Amsterdam

        Wijn- en Spijslokaal "De Witte Uyl"
        Frans Halsstraat 26 Amsterdam

        Eat At Jo's
        Lijnbaansgracht 234-A Amsterdam