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Aug 6, 2008 02:12 AM

Williamsburg Restaurants

Am heading to Williamsburg for a week and looking for recommendations. Thanks. Already plan on Trellis for Death by Chocolate Cake and Chickahominy House for breakfast.

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  1. You've got a good start. I'd add:

    Blue Talon Bistro (behind the Trellis, for homemade croissants and coffee for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch or dinner. Delicious french comfort food)

    Fat Canary (across from the Trellis, excellent but much more expensive and formal)

    Outside Merchants' Square:
    Le Yaca ($25 for 3 courses Mon - Wed. nights, but go whenever you can)

    Pancho Villa (relatively new non-chain, good solid mexican)

    Francesco's (down Richmond Road, away from W'burg, in a non-descript strip mall. A native Sicilian making a go at it, and doing a fantastic job)

    Dudley's Farmhouse Grill (even further down Richmond Road from Francesco's. A renovated farmhouse and very creative and friendly chef)

    And you must seek out my favorite new coffee shop (anywhere) called Harbor Coffee in New Town (a cool area of shops and restaurants to while away an afternoon). New Town is off of Rt. 199. Wonderful strong but non-acidic coffee, and the owner makes delicious homemade quiches and baked goods. They also serve quiche and salads for lunch. I spent several a morning there on my last visit. In addition to the food and coffee I really like the aviance.

    And the piece de resistance....Pierce's BBQ. Also off Rt. 199. It's an institution. A must for lunch or dinner, at least twice if you're there for a week ; )

    1. This thread will be (and should be) moved to the South board. Williamsburg is 3 hours from DC.

      1. I've been living and eating in DC for 2 years now. I'm being completely honest when I say that the best meal I've had in those 2 years was at the Fat Canary in Williamsburg. The food's great, the atmosphere is relaxed, the desserts are to die for, and the wine list is ridiculously reasonable. All in all, it's a great restaurant.

        1. Whatever you do, AVOID the Williamsburg Inn. It's horrible, and it acts like it's a 3* Michelin restaurant. I have truly had better meals at Applebee's or TGI Fridays.....(not that I frequent either of those places, but you get the idea).

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            Also avoid the W'burg Winery's new restaurant and Inn. Pretentious and subpar.

            1. re: Meg

              Tell me more was thinking about a getaway at the Wedmore but has not heard anything about it yet...

              1. re: wellfedred

                I don't want to dissuade you since I can't speak for it firsthand, but can relay what my parents who live in W'burg thought. They tried the restaurant a few months ago (and are serious foodies) and were very unimpressed with the food and the service, as were their friends. The owner gave them a tour of the Inn, and while I can't remember what they said about the accomodations, their overall impression of the entire place was that it was overly pretentious and not worth the money. I think their impression was primarily a result of the staff's attitudes, including the owner. Though if you're considering a weekend there, check out the specials on for a great deal. I remember seeing a weekend package there.

                1. re: Meg

                  thanks...i'll let you know if we try it out

                  1. re: wellfedred

                    I think the Williamsburg Winery's hotel and its restaurant must just be a little uneven, or maybe they have improved a lot in the last four months (I think they've only been open a year now). I went there with my boyfriend last week and it was wonderful - the staff was courteous and accomodating and the rooms were gorgeous! I agree that the food at the restaurant was slightly overpriced, but worth it for the convenience and the atmosphere. We also enjoyed the free tasting at the winery that was included with our room. We went to Dudley's the second night and it was great and highly recommended (assuming you like game meat, which I do).

          2. I recommend Gus's Famous Hot Dogs for lunch one day.