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Aug 6, 2008 12:24 AM

Skinny Legs and Cowgirl in Edmonton

My brother is having a dinner party at Skinny Legs and Cowgirl - should I give it a whirl? I'd have to make some time for it and I've never been. Any impressions? Also, what's their price range?

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  1. Sylv - here's my report on my first visit to SK&C a couple of weeks ago (copy/paste from another post):
    Skinny Legs and Cowgirls, Friday night. First time there. Party of 6, squeezed around a table for 4 in their ‘indoor patio’…not sure how to describe it really. Place was packed (was told over-booked) and they had to go next door to the guitar-maker to borrow a chair! Service was, to say the least, odd. One server had no idea what she was doing, and her manner was straight out of the movie Fargo – sort of a Scandinavian accent, ended every sentence with ‘yeah’, etc. At least she was personable and a source of entertainment. Came to take our drink orders, and when asked about beer rattled of what they had, getting the names close at least. One person orders a beer, and she leaves to go get it without seeing what others want! Other server (co-owner) was far better. Food was great, sort of a South American theme. Served family style on platters, we had 5 of the (I think) 7 choices. Table was so crowded we basically took a dish from the server, passed it around the table, and then gave her back the empty platter. Chorizos were a highlight. Wine…short but interesting list, heavy on malbecs (suits the food quite well) but the red wine was room temperature, and it was 26 degrees outside! For the second bottle we asked if it could be chilled. Server (good one/co-owner) lamented that she didn’t have room or money for good cool storage, but was working on getting a small fridge. One of our party is a certified sommelier, and he was giving her some quick, cheap and easy tips on wine service. Overall, service was pretty scattered (short on cutlery, hard time remembering who was drinking beer, who was drinking wine, etc) but at least it was jovial. And we were in no rush, just a fun night out, which I think they appreciated (as they kept apologizing for the slowness, and we assured them we didn’t care). We had humus (or at least that’s what they called it, but it was a black bean dip (and a very good one at that) and the mains, no dessert, and were there almost 3 hours. But much of that was our doing, lingering over the last bottle of wine. And owner brought us each some dessert wine on the house (a really good ice cider which I had tried before, but others were unaware of). Grand total with 6 beers and two bottles of wine, 20% tip included for party of 6, was $285, which we all thought was quite reasonable. Will definitely return, maybe just not on Indy race weekend.