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Aug 5, 2008 10:21 PM

Cousin Cafe (HK style food), Newark report w/ pics

Went to Cousin Cafe on Tues 8/5/08 for their Happy Hr which is from 3-6pm. They have food cheaper when you go those hours.

Only 1 waitress, she's no-nonsense & is quick!

I got:

Pan fried rice rolls $2.75-maybe 2-3 rolls pan fried then cut up, w/ those dried shrimp, green onions, & some sprinkles of sesame seed & the peanut butter/plum sauce on the side & soy sauce on the bottom of the rolls. Still like them. Be careful, because they are served really hot off the pan & will burn your mouth!

Cousin special noodle soup - $5. I asked for ho fun (fat rice noodles) & it comes w/ fish balls, beef balls, some cheap hot dog meat, beef brisket (not much), daikon, & lettuce. I thought it was ok. I'll stick to the wonton noodle soup $5 for next time - I like that better.

HK hot milk tea $2.25 - pretty good.

Most people get the wonton noodle soup ($5) & the garlic chicken wings ($3.95). On my list to try: Fish porridge ($3.95)

My total $10 + .88c tax = $10.88 Before Tip.


My pics:

Cousin Cafe
39193 Cedar Blvd, Newark, CA 94560

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  1. Is this cafe has any relations w/ the one in Pleasanton?

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    1. re: Mul

      I believe so and I'm heading there today for a quick lunch. I'll report back.

      1. re: Cheesy Oysters

        Well we shared the roti and it as especiall good today as the curry was spicier that the last time. I got the Singapore fried rice noodles and they were pretty tasty. My friend has the meat and fish ball noodle soup. She liked it. In addition to the huge menu, the place in Pleasanton also has Hawaiian plates and burgers as a tribute to the former place.

    2. Half a hot dog in your noodle soup? Only in Hong Kong.

      1. From what I understand, yes Cousin opened up another location in the East Bay and it sounds like the location you mentioned is indeed the branch.

        Cousin Cafe, even their Chinese name, is lifted from a small chain of HK style cafes right out of Hong Kong. I doubt there is any affiliation other than the use of the name.

        First time I've ever seen a HK cafe in the Bay Area packed to the gills before 5 pm. You just can't beat those "afternoon tea" cheap prices.