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Aug 5, 2008 09:47 PM

Your Once Famous But Now, "Oh My God I Cant Believe I Used To Serve This" Dish

We all started somewhere right? What was your signature dish, the thing that you, "had nailed" that you would serve your guests when you were just a clumsy, uneasy on your feet chowhound, that today you would never even consider serving?
I'll start...I'll overlook my "Fancy California Dip" the one I made in my Betty Crocker Blender, (Sour cream and Liptons Onion Soup Mix) when I was 10 and move right up to my early twenties and the dish of the day was, "Sam's Blue Cheese Chicken"! My face is getting hot just typing this but if I wanna hear yours I gotta share mine right?
Whole Chicken (cut up)
Wishbone Italian Dressing
Bob's Big Boy Blue Cheese Dressing
Green Giant Mushrooms in a jar

Soak the chicken in the Wishbone for hours....then Broil chicken, (have not used my broiler in 10 years) and baste with "marinade" Meanwhile dump jar of Bob's in a sauce pan, add enough milk to thin it to, "Sauce" texture and add a jar of mushrooms.
When chicken is cooked through, (read overcooked) place in a large dish and pour blue cheese sauce over the top......yea. Kinda gives me the poopies just thinking about it! I don't even think I served a side with

Your turn everyone!

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  1. Not nearly as fancy as yours! A meatloaf from a wine cookbook: ground beef, chopped onions, red wine all squished together with bacon strips on top. Awful, terrible, like a greasy brick, but I served it all the time to guests, it being the only "fancy" recipe I could follow at the time. God knows what side dishes I conjured up. Finally, someone told me "enough with the meatloaf!"

    1. Bubbles, I hate to say it, but your chicken dish sounds really good to me!

      I have one from my high school days that I still make. It calls for cream of mushroom soup (I always used Campbell's fancy "golden" version), onion soup mix, brown-and-wild rice mix, and a cut-up chicken. Dump rice mix and dry soup mix in a casserole pan, top with chicken pieces, then mix soup with a can of milk and pour over all. Bake for a long time (an hour or so). It's oh so high in sodium and thus is really, really good.

      Nowadays, I've upgraded the recipe to use free-range chicken, organic mushroom soup, some sauteed fresh mushrooms, Penzey's bouillon instead of the dry soup mix, and bulk (non-boxed) brown rice and wild rice. But it's still virtually the same thing...


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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        Ohhhh I was raised on the "chicken and rice and soup" casserole. I still make it today, too - it's a great standby on those nights when you just can't come up with something to cook for dinner.

        1. re: Suzy Q

          Top it with a generous dusting of smoked spanish paprika, and you almost forget you opened a can of condensed soup to get to the deliciously salty chickeny result.

        2. re: AnneInMpls

          My mom used to make something REALLY similar like that when we were little, and I loved it!

          1. re: gemmous

            I made that Once! I had to, everyone in town was making it. (O_O)

            1. re: gemmous

              I don't get it...
              never had it, but apricot chicken sounds like a good thing.

            2. Wild rice stuffed cornish hens. It doesn't sound that bad, cornish hens stuffed with wild rice mix (cooked), wine and soy sauce poured over it, then baked for an hour, but the (very) last time I served it, somehow it was covered with dish soap or get the picture...yuck. Now I can feel the back of my neck getting red, LOL!

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              1. re: lilfoodiegirl

                welcome to the pink-faced cooking club!

              2. Tuna potato chip casserole. I believe this involved canned cream of mushroom soup and flaked canned tuna, dotted with potato chips and baked in a casserole dish. Went over okay in the dorm, as I recall. Another one of our gang used to add ice cream to pancake mix. Made for an interesting breakfast.

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                1. re: omotosando

                  I plead guilty to the canned soup tuna casserole offense. I do occasionally make tuna casserole on the rate Lenten occasion but I make my own cream sauce and use home made bread crumbs instead of potato chips.

                  1. re: Kelli2006

                    I look forward to Lent specifically for tuna casserole! Well, that and the whole redemption thing. But I can't imagine Lent without the crunchy, cream, savory goodness of cream of mushroom mixed with tuna.

                    1. re: JungMann

                      That's a Lenten comfort food I miss. I miss a lot of the foods my mom made that were laden with cream of crap soup.

                  2. re: omotosando

                    my aunt used to make this when we were young and it was our favorite. she would bring it to easter dinner (god only knows why). god we loved that stuff.

                    i do make tuna casserole still but like kelli2006 i made my own mushroom thyme cream sauce and use homemade bread crumbs, not potato chips.

                    1. re: omotosando

                      Hey, I've got to confess, I still like tuna potato chip casserole dish. Tastes we learned to love when youngsters often never disappear. (And Lipton onion soup and sour cream are still a favorite dip of mine. My girlfriend cannot believe that anyone can eat anything that salty, but it's no problem for me, due to years and years of conditioning.)

                      1. re: omotosando

                        Ooo! I like it with corn flakes instead of potato chips. lol!