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Aug 5, 2008 09:45 PM

Davio's Foxborough

now open, anyone been?

may try it tomorrow before Jack Johnson at GreatWoods.

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  1. Well I went for cocktails and a lite dinner preconcert tonight.

    The space is designed very similar to Boston. Big bar, a few sofas, a few booths, and kitchen side dining in addition to the formal dining room.

    I hated the philly cheesesteak app, that my husband has had before. But he liked it?
    The lobster risotto and the gnocchi with tomatoe and buff mozz were good, not great, but good. Price may need to come down in this location. They were both things I would expect to pay 12-14 rather than 16-18 at places like Teatro, ViaMatta, Grotto.

    Regardless, I am excited to have a cosmopolitan restaurant in the hood. It would not be my first choice in Boston, but it is a very welcome addition to the area.

    The staff is working very hard to give service expected from a big city restaurant.

    I am not impressed, but completely hopeful that this will be a new local spot to enjoy when there is no game or concert!

    Check it out!

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    1. re: gyppielou

      Those Philly Cheesesteak rolls are trademarked. I would think that to make it at that location, they could switch to choice beef from prime a la Capital Grille while adjusting their other prices. That would cut their steak costs in half.

      1. re: almansa

        Are they trademarked for Alpo?

        There was another group at the bar. The women would have nothing to do with the app. there were 2 pieces that sat there. Even the two guys wouldn't go back for seconds!

        But one bad app, whether trademarked or not does not make a meal. I look forward to exploring the dinner and bar menu.

        1. re: almansa

          They may be trademarked and all, but the ones at Mike's roast beef in everett come pretty colse for about $1.75.

          1. re: phatchris

            Mike's might buy them from Sysco who distribute's Davio's.

            1. re: almansa

              I believe that you were being tounge in cheek here, but I just would like to say, as a former cook at Davio's when they were in the Royal Sonesta, they most certainly did NOT use Sysco for product, that is simply not true.

        2. re: gyppielou

          Haven't been there yet, but looking forward to it.

          As to price - don't underestimate the willingness to spend in the 'burbs (especially if it's convenient)

          1. re: gyppielou

            hi there, my wife and I recently moved from boston down to this area and are looking for good food nearby. love teatro and via matta from your post, had a similar so so not that good experience at davios boston. was hoping for better here, but just opened may get better. saw your other posts on franklin. we like 3 way better than incontro(over rated) but we live right near toms tavern and have been 3 times and not had a good meal yet. slim pickins. seriously any hidden gems around?

            1. re: reedsox

              reedsox, I'm just down the street from Tom's Tavern too - and don't understand why anyone raves about that place. My BIL used to own it many years ago then sold it to Tom before I married into the family, so we really wanted to like it when I moved to the area (about 15 years ago.) But after more than a few sittings of generic fried food and lousy very slow service, we figured out its mostly just a sports/biker bar and stopped going, haven't been in a while.

              Slim pickings it is in this area though, unfortunately. I didn't exactly love the Boston Davio's and don't expect the Foxboro one to be any better than Luciano's, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Haven't tried 3 yet, and based on feedback here probably will never go to incontro.

              1. re: tbiscaia

                my in laws have taken us to lucianos, they love it, it is fun in that old eat, eat itialin way. check out 3, more hip than most around here, we sit at the bar and eat. (our prefered m.o.) varied menu but servicable. old lous legacy on 140 (we liked that) closed but re opened as something else but havent been yet. went to redwing, (that is totally divy and not good) stone forge tries but misses. that wicked opened on rte 1 tried it? some one mentioned the flatbread pizza in franklin, and that is good up near 495, but strictly take out really. want to try mint cafe in norwood next

          2. I would have gone there for lunch yesterday but called first, and was told that they only serve dinner for now, and will start doing lunches "probably after Labor Day."

            I'm very disappointed that the other flagship restaurant they had originally announced (Harbor Village?) went out of business; I had checked out their SanFran location menu online and it sounded really interesting... oh well.

            I will be attending a Beatles "Sargent Peppers 40th Anniversary" concert at the new Showcase Live on August 19th, and will report on what type of foodstuffs they offer there.

            1. I personally am not a fan of Davio's Boston location, I find the food to be over priced and mediocure- for my pre concert/ game (I have family members who are interested in football and occasionally get "dragged" along) personally I am looking forward to Skipjack's opening near there- the idea of getting sushi definitely makes the trip worth while. I absolutely love Otto's sushi- I often think Skipjack's Boston location is overlooked in as a sushi destination, the sushi is high- quality and resonably priced for the city... I also have a sick addiction to thier rolls.

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              1. re: winstont

                wife and I went wednesday night. was really great! we sat at the bar, which is what we generally do. they have a bar menu and a regular menu availble from the bar, so more options, and generally we order and share some apps, etc this is usually the way we go. had fried calamari, fried oysters, beet salad and a pizza. prices were not out of this world high. certainly not by "city" standards. place was lively. walking up to it from parking lot you would think it was closed, once inside you are reminded of being in the city, loud vibe, professional staff, modern room. we were very pleased.